OceanSide church of Christ

ceanSide church of Christ
1025 Snug Harbor Court, Atlantic Beach FL 32233
(904) 246-2709

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Sunday Morning Worship 10:00 AM
Sunday Morning Bible Class 11:15 AM
Sunday Evening Worship 5:30 PM
Wednesday Evening Bible Class 7:00 PM

Quarterly trash pickup along Atlantic Blvd to support free advertising for the church.
Each member should plan to bring a friend, neighbor or relative to services, to introduce them to the OceanSide church and its people.
Join us after Sunday evening service for our monthly Fellowship Unity Night (FUN) and enjoy dessert and time with your Christian brothers and sisters.
OceanSide hosts Allen Webster, Jacksonville church of Christ (Alabama), for a series of lessons to encourage and energize the congregation and the community.
Sunday AM: Words Written on an Asylum Wall
Sunday Bible Class: Sitting Under the Juniper Tree (1 Kings 19)
Sunday PM: There Is a Name I Love to Hear
Monday: 4000 Years in 40 Minutes. An Overview of the Bible
Tuesday: Five Views of Mark 16:16
Wednesday: A Mystery Ticket to Eternity
Thursday: Can I Interest You in Some Property in New Jerusalem?
Join the OceanSide ladies for lunch and fellowship at a local restaurant.
Men from the Arlington, Dean Road, and OceanSide congregations meet at Golden Coral for a belt bustin' breakfast followed by a spiritually challenging discussion.
Mar. 24
Mar. 28
Gospel Meeting
SaturdayMar. 30
8:00 AM
Men's Breakfast
SaturdayApr. 6
Ladies Luncheon
SundayApr. 7Fellowship Unity Night
SaturdayApr. 20
8:00 AM
SaturdayMay 4
Ladies Luncheon
SundayMay 5Each One Bring One
SundayMay 5Fellowship Unity Night
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March 22, 2019

James 2:14 – What doth faith profit, my brethren though a man have faith, and have not works? Can faith save him?

Thought: James now moves into another topic of discussion, the relationship between faith and works. The works that he references are not man-made works, that is, works of man’s invention. They are the commandments of God. James teaches that faith and works must combine to be effective. If all a man has is faith, James asks: “What doth faith profit?” If he only has faith, James also asks: “Can faith save him?” Faith only profits nothing and cannot save.

Matthew 7:21-23

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