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September 1, 2021

John 7:17 – If any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God, or whether I speak of myself.

Thought: Man’s heart is vitally important to his spiritual life. There are some hearts that are stubborn and obstinate. There are some hearts that are uninterested. They are some hearts that are good and honest. Jesus said: “If a man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine.” Good hearts and honest hearts are not deceived into believing something. They look at the evidence. Evidence that is true is acknowledged and accepted. These are the hearts God is seeking. These hearts will yield to His will.

Luke 8:15

September 2, 2021

John 7:18 – He that speaketh of himself seeketh his own glory: but he that seeketh his glory that sent him, the same is true, and no unrighteousness is in him.

Thought: There are people in the world who seek only their own elevation. They will say anything and do anything to push their name to the top. These individuals are selfish and possess evil hearts. Jesus did not come to do this. His mission was to glorify His heavenly Father. He was willing to suppress His will to accomplish His Father’s will. Individuals like this are true and genuine. Their hearts are good. Their motives are pure. As Jesus said: “…and no unrighteousness is in him.”

Galatians 6:12-13

September 3, 2021

John 7:19 – Did not Moses give you the law, and yet none of you keepeth the law? Why go ye about to kill me?

Thought: The Jews were proud of their history. They were very proud of their ancestors and their accomplishments. Moses was an elite figure because he had given them the law. Yet, they did not honor Moses’ law. Jesus affirmed: “…and yet none of you keepeth the law.” If they did not keep the Law of Moses, weren’t they deserving of death? Yet, they did not advocate for their own deaths. So, Jesus asked: “Why go ye about to kill me?” Why wouldn’t the Jews take their own medicine?

Romans 2:21-24

September 4, 2021

John 7:20 – The people answered and said, Thou hast a devil: who goeth about to kill thee?

Thought: People who are ignorant of the facts often speak out with great boldness. Some of the people who heard Jesus ask: “Why go ye about to kill me?” were not aware of the desires of the Jewish leaders. They had not heard their secret discussions. They were not aware of what was in the hearts of these men. Thus, they accused Jesus of having a devil. In essence, they were accusing Him of being mad and deranged. Ignorance often speaks out of turn. It often criticizes not knowing the truth.

Acts 26:22-25

September 5, 2021

John 7:21 – Jesus answered and said unto them, I have done one work, and ye all marvel.

Thought: Jesus now exposes the hypocrisy of the Jews for condemning Him because he healed on the Sabbath. He begins by saying: “I have done one work.” Jesus had only healed on the Sabbath one time. This one time caused the Jews to “marvel.” They looked upon His act with great amazement. They were not amazed by the fact that a person was healed. They only marveled because it was done on the Sabbath. They, however, had done many acts on the Sabbath that were not condemned.

John 5:8-10

September 6, 2021

John 7:22, 23 – Moses therefore gave unto you circumcision; (not because it is of Moses, but of the fathers;) and ye on the Sabbath day circumcise a man. If a man on the Sabbath day receive circumcision, that the law of Moses should not be broken; are ye angry at me, because I have made a man every whit whole on the sabbath day?

Thought: Jesus was ridiculed for healing once on the Sabbath. He now gives them an example of how they “worked” on the Sabbath but make an exception. The example circumcision done on the Sabbath Day. The Jews did not hesitate to circumcise the child. It was not done just once, but every time the need presented itself. If they could do this and not violate the Sabbath, Jesus asked: “…are ye angry at me, because I have made a man every whit whole on the sabbath day?” Complete inconsistency!

Romans 2:1-3

September 7, 2021

John 7:24 – Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.

Thought: Everyone has a tendency to judge according to “the appearance.” We judge by what we “think” to be true. We judge by what “seems” to be true. We judge with only partial facts. Jesus condemns such judging. On the other hand, He authorizes righteous judgment. This is a judgment that is based on all of the facts. It is a judgment based upon truth. All of us have probably had to apologize for reaching conclusions too quickly. Dear reader, let’s get the evidence, then, judge.

Proverbs 17:15

September 8, 2021

John 7:25, 26 – Then said some of them of Jerusalem, Is not this he, whom they seek to kill? But, lo, he speaketh boldly, and they say nothing unto him. Do the rulers know indeed that this is the very Christ?

Thought: Some of the people had learned their leaders wanted to put Jesus to death. Knowing this, they were shocked by the boldness of Jesus’ speech. Too, they were amazed those of the council said nothing unto him. Jesus had just convicted them of their hypocrisy. The weight of His argument was powerful. The Pharisees, priests, and scribes could say nothing against Jesus’ argument. The people confused their silence with recognition of Jesus as the Christ. This was far from the truth, however.

Isaiah 42:1-4

September 9, 2021

John 7:27 – Howbeit we know this man whence he is: but when Christ cometh, no man knoweth whence he is.

Thought: The Jews had developed some myths about the Messiah. They knew He would be born in Bethlehem, but they did not expect Him to appear to be “one of them.” His coming and going among them would be mysterious. He would not freely come and go. Instead, He would appear and disappear from their midst. Their misconceptions did not allow them to see Jesus as the Christ. They reasoned: “We know this man whence he is.” Misinformation keeps many from knowing the Christ.

Mark 6:3

September 10, 2021

John 7:28 – Then cried Jesus in the temple as he taught, saying, Ye both know me, and ye know whence I am: and I am not come of myself, but he that sent me is true, whom ye know not.

Thought: The Jews had affirmed that they knew Jesus, His origins, and His background. Jesus now challenges this statement. If they knew Him so well, they should have known that He did not come of Himself. He was sent. He was sent by one who was true. In others words, if they truly knew Jesus, they would have known that He was on a divine mission from His heavenly Father. The problem was they did not really know God. Had they known the Father, they would not have rejected the Christ.

John 8:19

September 11, 2021

John 7:29 – But I know him; for I am from him, and he hath sent me.

Thought: The Jews professed to know God, but they did not. Jesus, on the other hand, truly knew the Father. He knew Him personally and intimately. Notice Jesus’ words: “…for I am from him.” Jesus was the Word. Jesus was the express image of the Father. Jesus and the Father were one. To see Jesus was to see the Father. Jesus also understood His mission perfectly and how to carry it out. The Father had sent Him with specific instructions. The Jews’ misconceptions did not change the Lord’s reality.

I John 1:2

September 12, 2021

John 7:30 – Then they sought to take him: but no man laid hands on him, because his hour was not yet come.

Thought: The things Jesus taught often enraged the Jewish leaders. They would get so angry that they wanted to take Him captive. If they could have found a way, they would have killed Him. On this occasion, this did not occur. What the Jews failed to understand is that Jesus was under the watchful care of His heavenly Father. God’s providence protected His Son until His hour was come. Man cannot rush the plans of God. God would redeem man when the time was right.

Galatians 4:4-5

September 13, 2021

John 7:31 – And many of the people believed on him, and said, When Christ cometh, will he do more miracles than these which this man hath done?

Thought: Some people have good and honest hearts. When evidence is presented to them, they cannot reject it. Many who heard Jesus on this occasion were of this number. John writes: “And many of the people believed on him.” Their reasoning involved a simple question: “When Christ cometh, will he do more miracles than these which this man doeth?” The answer to that question was: “No.” Jesus did enough to prove to any honest seeker that He was the Christ, the Son of God.

Matthew 11:3-6

September 14, 2021

John 7:32 – The Pharisees heard that the people murmured such things concerning him; and the Pharisees and the chief priests sent officers to take him.

Thought: Yes, some people have good hearts, but others have evil hearts. The Pharisees were an example of people with evil hearts. Instead of honestly examining the evidence of Jesus’ works, they sought to do away with their problem by taking Jesus into custody. They were more concerned about their own popularity and status than they were about the truth. When the people started believing in Jesus, it was too much. Something had to be done to take Jesus out of the public eye.

Matthew 12:33-35

September 15, 2021

John 7:33, 34 – Then said Jesus unto them, Yet a little while am I with you, and then I go unto him that sent me. Ye shall seek me, and shall not find me: and where I am, thither ye cannot come.

Thought: Jesus was fully aware of what the future held for Him. At this time, He was pressing closer to the cross. However, the cross was not the end. He would be raised the third day. He would also ascend back to the right hand of the Father being exalted as both Lord and Christ. There would be no body in the tomb. He would not be found on earth at all. The Jews would seek Him, but they would not find Him. He would be at God’s right hand, a place to which they could not go.

Acts 2:32-36

September 16, 2021

John 7:35, 36 – Then said the Jews among themselves, Whither will he go, that we shall not find him? Will he go unto the dispersed among the Gentiles, and teach the Gentiles? What manner of saying is this that he said, Ye shall seek me, and not find me: and where I am, thither ye cannot come?

Thought: As was often true, Jesus’ hearers did not comprehend His words. They could not fathom the Lord’s ascension into heaven. One of the reasons they did not understand is that they did not know who He was. They had a hard time understanding that He was God in the flesh. They did not grasp that He had come from heaven and that He was going to return to heaven. If men come to understand the nature of the Christ, they will understand other important things connected to Him as well.

John 16:17-18

September 17, 2021

John 7:37 – In the last day, that great day of the feast, Jesus stood and cried, saying, If any man thirst, let him come unto me, and drink.

Thought: Thousands of people had assembled in Jerusalem for this feast. The last day of the feast was high anticipated. It was considered the “great day of the feast.” Jesus took advantage of the opportunity to offer people water to quench their thirst. This wasn’t an invitation for the physical man to be satisfied. It was an invitation to the spiritually dehydrated to come and receive refreshment for the soul. This need is not felt physically. This need must be spiritually discerned. Do you thirst?

Matthew 11:28-30

September 18, 2021

John 7:38, 39 – He that believeth on me, as the Scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water. (But this spake he of the Spirit, which they that believe on him should receive: for the Holy Ghost was not yet given; because that Jesus was not yet glorified.)

Thought: In this discourse, Jesus had spoken of His ascension to back to the Father in heaven. Once Jesus was glorified, more blessings would be given to those who believed on Him. There was to be an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit would be poured out like “rivers of living water.” The Holy Spirit would reveal the will of God. The Holy Spirit would confirm the Word with miracles, wonders, and signs. The Holy Spirit would bless the church with many gifts in order to do her work.

Acts 2:1-4

September 19, 2021

John 7:40 – Many of the people therefore, when the heard this saying said, Of a truth this is the Prophet.

Thought: During Jesus’ ministry, there were many people who believed on Him after hearing His teachings and seeing His wonderful works. On this occasion some affirmed: “Of a truth this is the Prophet.” They realized that Jesus was the fulfillment of God’s words unto Moses which proclaimed: “I will raise them up a Prophet from among their brethren, like unto thee, and will put my words in his mouth, and he shall speak unto them all that I command him” (Deut. 18:18). What say ye?

Deuteronomy 18:15

September 20, 2021

John 7:41, 42 – Others said, This is the Christ. But some said, Shall Christ come out of Galilee? Hath not the Scripture said, That Christ cometh of the seed of David, and out of the town of Bethlehem, where David was?

Thought: Here, we see a lot of confusion expressed by the Jews. Some seemed to think that the Christ and the Prophet were different people. Others failed to understand Jesus was born in Bethlehem. Thus, they asked: “Shall Christ come out of Galilee?” They only knew that Jesus was reared in Nazareth. Are there things we do not understand about the Christ because we have not studied and researched enough? Possibly. Note that ignorance can keep us from receiving Jesus.

Micah 5:2

September 21, 2021

John 7:43 – So there was a division among the people because of him.

Thought: The Jews were quite divided over Jesus. Some said He was the Prophet like unto Moses. Others said that He was the Christ, the Messiah. Others doubted that He was the Messiah thinking that He had been born in Galilee. Our world is still divided over Jesus. Some say He is God. Others declare that He is a created being. Some say He is the Son of God. Others proclaim that He is only a good man and a prophet of God. Some say He is a Savior. Others believe that He is a deceiver.

Matthew 16:13-16

September 22, 2021

John 7:44 – And some of them would have taken him; but no man laid hands on him.

Thought: When some individuals dislike the message, they want to get rid of the messenger. This was true during Jesus’ ministry. We are told: “And some of them would have taken him.” They would have taken and tried Him. They would have taken and imprisoned Him. They would have taken and killed Him. Here’s a question: “How does taking away the messenger change the message?” Fortunately, Jesus’ time had not come. “…no man laid hands on him,” but they would eventually.

Daniel 3:19-20

September 23, 2021

John 7:45, 46 – Then came the officers to the chief priests and Pharisees; and they said unto them, Why have ye not brought him? The officers answered, Never man spake like this man.

Thought: We may have forgotten that the Jewish rulers sent officers to take Jesus (John 7:32). This mission was not supposed to optional. When they returned, they were supposed to have Jesus in custody, but they did not. When asked: “Why?” they responded with these words: “Never man spake like this man.” The officers were overwhelmed with Jesus’ knowledge and wisdom. They knew He was a man of great authority. Thus, they could not arrest Him. One day, we will hear Jesus speak.

Luke 4:22