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JAMES 1:16

Victor M. Eskew


Do not err, my beloved brethren.


1.    Err

A.   Strong (4105):  to (properly cause to) roam (from safety, truth, or virtue)

B.    Thayer:  to cause to stray, lead aside from the right way…to go astray…to be led away into error and sin

C.   Vine:  to cause to wander, lead astray, deceive


2.    Beloved

A.   Strong (27): beloved   :- (dearly, well) beloved, dear

B.    Thayer:  beloved, esteemed, dear, favorite, worthy of love

C.   Vine:  to love


3.    Brethren

A.   Strong (80):  a brother (literally or figuratively) near or remote

B.    Thayer:  a fellow believer, united to another by the bond of affection, brethren in Christ

C.   Vine:  believers, disciples