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JAMES 2:13

Victor M. Eskew


For he shall have judgment without mercy, that hath shewed no mercy; and mercy rejoiceth against judgment.


1.    Judgment

A.   Strong (2920):  (subjectively or objectively, for or against); by extension a tribunal; by implication justice (specifically divine law)

B.    Thayer:  judgment…especially concerning justice or injustice, right or wrong, sentence of condemnation, damnatory judgment, condemnation and punishment

C.   Vine:  primarily denotes a separating, a decision, judgment…and especially of Divine judgment


2.    Mercy

A.   Strong (448):  inexorable

B.    Thayer:  without mercy, merciless

C.   Vine:  without feelings of sympathy with the misery of another and especially sympathy manifested in act


3.    Sheweth

A.   Strong (4160):  to do

B.    Thayer:  to do, do well, to act rightly, carry out, to execute

C.   Vine:  to do


4.    Rejoiceth against

A.   Strong (2620):  to exult against (this is, over)

B.    Thayer:  to glory against, to exult over, to boast one’s self to the injury (of a person or thing

C.   Vine:  a stronger form of “kauchnomai,” meaning “to glory; it signifies to boast against, exult over