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Sowing the Seed Series
Class 9 ĖTotal Depravity

I.              What is total depravity?

a.    Total depravity is otherwise known as original sin

                                          i.    The basic belief is that babies are born in sin

                                        ii.    This is why many participate in infant baptism

b.    Babies do not sin by being born, so the belief is that their sin is inherited from Adam

II.            Arguments in favor of total depravity

a.    Manís heart is always evil from his youth (Gen 8:21)

                                          i.    First off, the term ďyouthĒ is very relative

                                        ii.    Secondly, Heís referencing the evil which brought about the flood (Gen 6:5)

1.    True or False: Manís thoughts began evil (Gen 6:1-2)

b.    By nature we are children of wrath (Eph 2:3)

                                          i.    First of all, the Greek word phusei can denote something which became nature by habit

                                        ii.    Secondly, the sin is not inherited it is personal (Eph 2:1)

c.    There is no one that is righteous (Rom 3:10)

                                          i.    Paul is discussing Jews and Gentiles (3:9)

d.    Psalms says we are born sinners (Psalm 51:5, cf 58:3)

                                          i.    †First of all, Psalm 51 says conceived in sin

1.    Psalm 58 says going astray once born

                                        ii.    Secondly, remember Psalms are in the form of poetry

1.    In fact, Psalm 58 mentions infants speaking

                                       iii.    Finally, suggesting David inherited his motherís sin is to suggest Jesus inherited His motherís sin

e.    Biblical texts disproving total depravity

                                          i.    The Bible teaches that sin is NOT inherited (Ezek 18:19-21)

                                        ii.    Jesus tells His disciples to strive to be like a child (Matt 18:1-3)

                                       iii.    The king of Tyre was perfect until iniquity was found in him (Ezek 28:15)

                                       iv.    Jesus took on the seed of Abraham (Heb 2:14-17)

1.    He didnít know good and evil as a child (Isa 7:14-16)

                                        v.    Those under age twenty were allowed to enter the promised land because they lacked knowledge of right and wrong (Deut 1:39)

                                       vi.    David couldnít †bring his baby back but could go to him (2 Sam 12:23)

1.    He certainly wasnít trying to go to Hell