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Davidís New Ox Cart

Dalton Gilreath

Lesson Text: 1 Chronicles 13:6-14

I.            He Touched the Ark

A.          Num 4:15; cf. 2 Chr. 35:3

II.          He Carried It Incorrectly

A.          Ex 25:10-15

B.          Num 3:17

1.            Gershon 23-26

2.            Merari 36-37

3.            Kohath 29-31

C.          †Num 7:1-9

III.        He Was Not a Levite

A.          2 Sam 6:3-4

1.            Abinadabís son

B.          1 Chr 2:12-15; cf. Ruth 4:22

1.            Jesseís grandson

C.          1 Chr 13:6

1.            Land of Judah

IV.        A Lesson Learned

A.          1 Chr 15:1-2, 13-15