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How To Evangelize Like Paul

I.                    Introduction

a.      If we want to be a solid evangelist we should model ourselves like the Apostle Paul.

b.      Lesson Text: 1 Cor 9:16-23


II.                  The Appetite of Evangelism

a.      Paul preached the gospel out of necessity, but also of his own will (9:16-17).

                                                              i.      This can be illustrated by eating. We enjoy eating but it is also a necessity.

b.      Paul knew that his joy at judgment would be seeing the faithful souls he had led to Christ (1 Thess 2:19-20).

c.       Paul and Timothy wanted the Colossians to pray that God would open opportunities for them to evangelize (Col 4:3).


III.                The Attitude of Evangelism

a.      Paul was a Pharisee who had prayed over and over again thanking God that he was not a Gentile, servant, or woman. Yet, he claimed to serve all men now (9:19-22)

                                                              i.      He served the Gentiles now (Acts 22:21)

                                                            ii.      He served servants now (Philemon)

                                                          iii.      He served women now (Acts 16:12-14)

b.      Paul became all things to all men.


IV.                The Aim of Evangelism

a.      Paul served everyone as he did in order that some might be saved (9:22-23).

b.      Not everyone will accept the gospel (Acts 26:27-28).

c.       He was almost willing to be lost eternally he loved souls so much (Rom 9:1-3)

d.      We must all be unified together with this same aim (Eph 4:11-16).

                                                              i.      Every part of the body must function properly or the whole body will suffer for it (Eph 4:16).