OceanSide church of Christ

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Fan or Follower?

I.                    Introduction

a.      A fan is someone who wears the attire, sits in the stands, and cheers for their favorite team or player.

b.      A follower is someone who not only supports someone, but makes life decisions based upon anotherís life.

c.       We donít want to be just fans of Jesus. We want to be committed followers.


II.                  Christís definition (Luke 9:23-24)

a.      Deny Self (Luke 22:40-42)

                                                              i.      Jesus did this in the garden when praying, ďNot my will but thine be doneĒ.

b.      Takes up his cross daily (Luke 23:26)

                                                              i.      Simon grabbed the back of Jesusí cross and followed Him up the hill.

c.       Loses his life (Luke 23:43-46)

                                                              i.      Jesus literally gave His life for us.


III.                The Road Blocks

a.      Comfort (Luke 9:57-58)

                                                              i.      Nicodemus is a great example of someone who started out coming to Jesus by night as nothing more than a fan (John 3:2). In time he became a follower (John 7:50-52, 19:39).

b.      Convenience (Luke 9:59-60)

                                                              i.      Nothing can come before God not even family (Luke 14:26-27)

c.       Commitment (Luke 9:61-62)

                                                              i.      We cannot look back as Lotís wife did. We must focus upon God and not veer off path (Luke 17:28-33).