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“Here am I send me”
by: Dalton Gilreath

I.              Introduction

a.    The Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20)

                                          i.    Jesus tells His apostles to teach everything they were commanded to do to others

                                        ii.    This very command to teach others was one of those commands.

1.    Therefore, we too are commanded to preach the Gospel to every creature

b.    We are going to look at three men who had a call from God to deliver His message and see how they responded

                                          i.    Jonah 1:1-3

                                        ii.    Exodus 3-4

                                       iii.    Isaiah 6:1-12

II.            Jonah 1:1-3

a.    The need – the wickedness in Ninevah must be stopped

b.    The call – Jonah must cry out against them

c.    The response – He runs from God

                                          i.    He is represented by a red traffic light

III.           Exodus 3-4

a.    The need – to deliver God’s people from Egyptian bondage

b.    The call – Moses must deliver them

c.    The response – He comes up with 5 excuses

                                          i.    “Who am I?” (3:11)

1.    Wouldn’t someone else be better suited than me?

2.    We might make this excuse as well leaving it to the preacher, elders, or someone else to teach others

3.    God’s response is “I will be with you”

a.    We ought to remember that we are not alone

b.    God is always with us as He was with Moses

                                        ii.    “What shall I tell them your name is?” (3:13)

1.    His second excuse is his inability to answer their questions

2.    Do we feel that we are unable to answer the questions of those we are teaching?

a.    We must study and be ready to answer them (1 Pet 3:15)

b.    Some have been Christians for years and don’t know the fundamentals of the Word

3.    God gave Moses the information He needed just as He does us through His Word

                                       iii.    “They won’t believe me” (4:1)

1.    More times than not it is true that others won’t believe you

a.    Does this mean we shouldn’t teach them anyway?

2.    God gave Moses evidence that he could present

a.    He would be able to perform miracles

b.    Our evidence is book, chapter, verse

                                       iv.    “I am not a good speaker” (4:10)

1.    Some certainly have a better ability to communicate than others

a.    Again, this is not an acceptable excuse

b.    God tells Moses that He made his mouth

2.    What are we really saying to God when we avoid evangelism because we do not feel capable based upon our God given ability?

                                        v.    Send anyone but me” (4:13)

1.    God is frustrated but sends Aaron along to help him

2.    There is nothing wrong with taking someone with you

a.    Take someone who is experienced

b.    You might be the one people or asking to take along in time

3.    Moses is represented by a yellow traffic light

d.    Isaiah 6:1-12

                                          i.    The need – for someone to preach to these hardened hearts

                                        ii.    The call – for someone to go for God

                                       iii.    The response – Isaiah volunteers by saying, “Here am I send me”

1.    Isaiah didn’t make excuses he simply said “I will go”

2.    What is our attitude about evangelism?

3.    Isaiah is represented by a green traffic light

e.    Conclusion – Matthew 28:18-20

                                          i.    The need – for the world to hear the Gospel

                                        ii.    The call – for Christians to go teach them

                                       iii.    The response - ?

1.    Will you respond like Jonah?

2.    Will you respond like Moses?

3.    Will you respond like Isaiah?