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The Shepherd’s Psalm
by: Dalton Gilreath

I.              Introduction

a.    One of the most well-known passages in scripture is Psalm 23

                                          i.    This goes for those who are religious and those who are not

b.    Many preachers select this passage to read at funerals

c.    Why is the passage so popular?

                                          i.    To understand it better we must read it from David’s eyes

II.            The Shepherd and the sheep

a.    A flock in David’s time would have been 10-20 sheep unlike today

b.    Shepherds knew their sheep intimately

                                          i.    Jesus referenced knowing the sheep (John 10:27)

c.    Sheep were valuable during this time

                                          i.    Abraham was rich in “livestock” (Gen 13:2)

                                        ii.    Some could not afford to sacrifice sheep so they used turtledoves or pigeons (Lev 5:6-7)

1.    Mary the mother of Jesus is an example (Luke 2:24)

d.    David was a good shepherd always with his sheep (1 Sam 16:19)

                                          i.    Before he battled Goliath he was asked who was caring for his sheep (1 Sam 17:28)

e.    Sheep are only good at one thing, following

                                          i.    They are not smart animals at all

f.     David claims that he is following his shepherd, the Lord

                                          i.    Is it possible we follow another shepherd?

1.    It might be work, money, friends, or entertainment

g.    We must make the Lord our shepherd (1 Peter 2:21)

III.           The still waters

a.    David was a sheep enjoying beautiful grass and still waters

                                          i.    Yet, his life was in turmoil

1.    He had been chased by Saul, was guilty of sin, had lost a son, was kicked out by another son

                                        ii.    How was he so content?

1.    He knew only the Lord could fulfill his spiritual needs

b.    Sheep will sacrifice good, clean water for mud puddles

                                          i.    Do we ever exchange good water for the puddles of sin?

c.    If you don’t choose Christ where else will you be drinking from?

                                          i.    After Jesus said the 5,000 many left Him because they ere following for the wrong reasons (John 6:26, 66-69)

                                        ii.    Peter said he would not leave asking, “Lord, to whom shall we go?”

IV.          He restoreth my soul

a.    Sheep sometimes get “cast down”

                                          i.    They roll over on their back and can’t get back up

                                        ii.    This will lead to death if not corrected

1.    A good shepherd will flip them over and help

                                       iii.    Our Shepherd flips us over in times of distress

1.    He cares for us more than any other

b.    Who is your shepherd this morning?