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Abortion in America
by: Dalton Gilreath

I.              Intro

a.    In the past 41 years some 52 million babies have been aborted

                                          i.    That is 1.3 million babies a year

                                        ii.    1 baby every 24 seconds

b.    God said He would destroy the Amorites when their iniquity was full (Gen 15:16)

                                          i.    How long until our cup is filled from these abortions?

c.    When Abel died his blood cried out to God (Gen 4:10)

                                          i.    Can you imagine all the cries God hears from these babies?

II.            Who should we blame?

a.    The Supreme Court?

                                          i.    They made abortion legal in 1973

b.    Politicians?

                                          i.    They make decisions to promote this action

                                        ii.    Sometimes we get upset about politics and voting

1.    The only ďpolitical partyĒ that matters is Christian

c.    Doctors/Abortion Clinic owners?

                                          i.    They choose to make money off this horrendous act

d.    Fathers/Mother?

                                          i.    They choose to have the baby killed

e.    We need to blame ourselves as well

                                          i.    What are we doing to put a stop to it?

III.           Roe vs Wade

a.    The decision to legalize abortion was for the motherís well being

                                          i.    Sadly, only 3% of abortions are for this reason

                                        ii.    95% of abortions are for convenience sake

IV.          Why am I opposed to abortion?

a.    It is rooted in selfishness (Here are some excuses)

                                          i.    Interfering with work

                                        ii.    Too expensive

                                       iii.    Doesnít want more children

                                       iv.    Doctors want to get rich

b.    It is the taking of an innocent human life

                                          i.    God hates hands that shed innocent blood (Prov 6:16-19)

1.    What is more innocent than an unborn baby?

                                        ii.    God forms the body and soul within the womb (Psalm 139:13-16)

                                       iii.    John the Baptist lept while in the womb (Luke 1:44)

1.    The word for ďbabeĒ in the passage means an infant child

c.    It transgresses the golden rule (Matt 4:12)

                                          i.    What mother, judge or doctor wants corrosive liquid poured on them?

1.    Who wants to be dismembered by a machine?

d.    It is against human instinct (Rom 1:31)

                                          i.    Being without natural affection is certainly applicable to abortion

                                        ii.    A mother has protective instincts of her baby not lethal instincts

V.           Arguments used in favor of abortion

a.    Life begins outside the womb because the baby takes his/her first breath

                                          i.    The baby breaths inside the womb

b.    We need to preserve the motherís life

                                          i.    We agree but attacking the baby is not the answer

                                        ii.    If the baby is lost thatís a tragedy but abortion isnít the answer

c.    What about rape/incest?

                                          i.    That is awful but only 1% of abortions are for this reason

                                        ii.    Still, abortion is not the answer

d.    A woman has a right to her own body

                                          i.    Can she be a prostitute?

1.    Can she take drugs?

                                        ii.    Itís also the body of the baby

                                       iii.    Plus, your body belongs to God (1 Cor 6:19-20)

VI.          What can we do?

a.    Be informed

                                          i.    Research and know about whatís going on in our country

b.    Vote for candidates who will help stop abortion

c.    Pray for our leaders, judges, and government

d.    Teach sexual purity

                                          i.    Donít wait for them to hear about it at school or even church