OceanSide church of Christ

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by: Dalton Gilreath

I.              Introduction

a.    Gossip is a sin of the tongue that is very easy to commit

b.    The Bible says the tongue is untamable and controls the body (Jam 3:1-4)

                                          i.    It is like a horse with a bit in his mouth or a ship turned by a rudder

c.    We must control the tongue to the best of our ability or it will steer us in sin

                                          i.    Whisperers (Gossips) and Backbiters (Slanderers) will be lost (Rom 1:29-32)

II.            What is Gossip?

a.    A defaming statement about someone else, whether true or false, with ungodly intentions

                                          i.    Even if the statement is true it is still gossip

b.    The key to identifying whether a statement is gossip or not is based upon our intentions

c.    Ungodly intentions include:

                                          i.    Building up self

                                        ii.    Getting a good laugh

                                       iii.    Getting revenge

                                       iv.    Passing the time

d.    We need to avoid gossips (Prov 20:19, cf. 17:4)

e.    Godly intentions include:

                                          i.    Trying to help someone

                                        ii.    Exposing false teachers

                                       iii.    Warning against sinful actions

f.     Paul called Alexander out publicly but it wasn’t gossip due to his intent (2 Tim 4:14-15)

III.           Three Biblical facts about gossip

a.    Gossip is desirable

                                          i.    It is like a delicious food going into the body (Prov 26:22)

1.    It can be very tempting for many people

b.    Gossip is devastating

                                          i.    It is wood on a fire (Prov 26:20-21)

1.    Think about how devastating a fire can be that starts with a spark (Jam 3:5-6)

2.    Stop providing wood and the fire with stop

                                        ii.    It ruins strong friendships (Prov 16:27-28)

1.    It could result in someone being discouraged and leaving the church

c.    Gossip is dishonest

                                          i.    When we vow to keep someone’s personal information secret and we don’t we are dishonest (Prov 11:12-13)

1.    When we debate with someone that business is personal as well (Prov 25:9)

IV.          THINK method

a.    The think method will help us decide whether or not our statement is gossip

                                          i.    T –Is it true

                                        ii.    H – Is it helpful

                                       iii.    I – Is it inspirational

                                       iv.    N – Is it necessary

                                        v.    K – Is it kind

b.    In conclusion remember that we will be judged by every idle word which we speak (Matt 12:36-37)