OceanSide church of Christ

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by: Dalton Gilreath

I.              Introduction

a.    Is judging commanded or condemned?

                                          i.    The answer is both dependent upon the type of judging

b.    There are four primary types of ungodly judgments we can commit

                                          i.    There is one judgment that is commanded and itís righteous judgment (John 7:24)

c.    Some suggest all judging is condemned in the Bible

                                          i.    Why would Paul tell us to mark and avoid those living contrary to sound doctrine (Rom 16:17)?

                                        ii.    How could we restore fallen Christians without judging (Gal 6:1)?

                                       iii.    How can we rebuke elders who sin (1 Tim 5:20)?

                                       iv.    Did Paul sin when he judged the man committing fornication (1 Cor 5:3)?

II.            Hypocritical judgment

a.    Jesus says that we must remove the beam in our own eye before we address anotherís sin (Matt 7:1-5)

                                          i.    Otherwise we are committing hypocritical judgment

                                        ii.    It is not that we canít confront sin but that we donít confront a sin we ourselves are currently struggling with

                                       iii.    We see this in Romans as well when Paul discusses not teaching yourself what you teach others (2:1-3, 21-23)

b.    Paul confronted Peter to the face about leaving the dinner with Gentiles (Gal 2:11-13)

                                          i.    We know Paul did not commit hypocritical judgment because Paul did not struggle with that particular sin

                                        ii.    Donít be a pot calling the kettle black

III.           Judging according to appearance

a.    We must judge righteously not according to what we see on the outside

                                          i.    Appearances can be deceiving as we have all learned

b.    Saul looked like a king but did not serve as a godly king (1 Sam 9:2)

c.    God told Samuel that next king would not look like a king on the outside because God looks on the heart (1 Sam 16:7)

                                          i.    We must look on the heart as well by seeing their fruits (Matt 7:15-20)

                                        ii.    Out of the heart man speaks and behaves (Luke 6:45)

IV.          Partial judgment

a.    Having respect of persons is sinful (Jam 2:1-4, 2:9, cf. 1 Tim 5:21)

b.    Sometimes we might treat people differently based upon what they look like or how much they have (Lev 19:15)

c.    Sometimes we might be partial about loved ones and call sin good instead of confronting them like we would others (Prov 24:23-25)

d.    Sometimes we might be partial because of what we have to gain (Deut 16:19)

V.           Unmerciful judgment

a.    If we are unmerciful to others in judgment our God will be to us (Jam 2:13)

                                          i.    I need all the mercy I can get on judgment donít you?

b.    We see this illustrated with the servant who was not merciful in his judgment (Matt 18:33-35)

                                          i.    He had received mercy from his king and yet showed none

                                        ii.    We have received mercy from our king and must be merciful as well

c.    God is so merciful and loving (Psalm 145:8-9)

                                          i.    May God help us have the attitude of our Heavenly Father