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Ghosts and Demons
by: Dalton Gilreath

I.              Introduction

a.    As Christians we battle with spiritual forces not against flesh (Eph 6:12)

                                          i.    The word for “high” means “above the sky” or the spirit realm

b.    The spirit realm is identified

                                          i.    Jesus spoke to Nicodemus about spiritual things (John 3:12)

                                        ii.    Paul says we are blessed with spiritual blessings (Eph 1:3)

c.    The spirit realm is categorized

                                          i.    It is described as celestial and the earth is terrestrial (1 Cor 15:39-40)

d.    The spirit realm is occupied

                                          i.    By the Godhead (Eph 1:20)

                                        ii.    By angels (Heb 12:22)

                                       iii.    By Satan and His demons (Eph 6:12)

e.    The spirit realm is exemplified

                                          i.    God used the celestial as a reference for Moses in building the tabernacle (Heb 8:5, cf. 9:23)

II.            Ghosts

a.    What are they?

                                          i.    They are souls

1.    When Jesus died He “gave up the ghost” (John 19:30)

2.    When Herod died he did the same (Acts 12:23)

b.    Where are they?

                                          i.    While alive they are in your body (Dan 7:15)

1.    Daniel groaned within his spirit in his body

2.    Death is when it leaves your body (Jam 2:26)

                                        ii.    When we die the angels take our soul to Hades (Luke 16:22-23)

1.    Souls cannot leave Hades (Luke 16:26)

2.    Souls in torment are in prison with everlasting chains (1 Pet 3:19, 2 Peter 2:4, Jude 6)

III.           Demons

a.    What are they?

                                          i.    Evil spirits (Luke 8:2)

                                        ii.    They are led by Satan (Matt 12:24)

b.    What do we know about them?

                                          i.    They believe in God (Jam 2:19)

1.    What does that say about belief only?

                                        ii.    They confess Jesus as the son of God (Luke 4:41)

                                       iii.    They cause illnesses

1.    A man was made blind and unable to speak (Matt 12:22)

2.    Another was given seizures (Mark 9:18)

3.    Another roamed naked and lived amongst tombs (Luke 8:27-29)

c.    Why did God allow Satan to have this power?

                                          i.    To confirm the Word they preached (Mark 16:16-20)

                                        ii.    Today that power has been removed through Christ (Col 2:15)

1.    He spoiled those powers (cf. Eph 6:12)

2.    He destroyed the works of the devil (1 John 3:8)

d.    When did the end?

                                          i.    Zechariah prophesied it would be when the fountain of life was given to the house of David (Zech 13:1-2)

                                        ii.    That fountain was given through Jesus’ death (Rev 21:6)

1.    This related back to Colossians 2:15 as well

                                       iii.    After Jesus’ death these possessions ended as well as all other miracles in time (1 Cor 13:8-13)

1.    Today we do not have to worry about demons and ghosts

2.    God is greater than all and they submit to Him forever