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Growing In Christ
by: Dalton Gilreath

I.              Introduction

a.    Sometimes members of the church become stagnant in their growth

                                          i.    They may stop studying the Bible

                                        ii.    They may stop coming to church activities outside of worship

b.    We must remember that if we are not growing we are withering away

c.    Peter says to desire the milk of God’s Word so that we may grow (2 Pet 2:2)

d.    Examine yourselves and consider if one of these three things are true of you

                                          i.    If so, then you are not growing as you should

II.            A Lack of Learning

a.    The Hebrew writer discusses having to reteach the first principles of the Truth (Heb 5:12-6:2)

                                          i.    He could not give them the meat of the Word

                                        ii.    They had to relearn baptism, faith, repentance, etc

b.    The inspired writer mentions they need to become of “full age” (Heb 5:14)

                                          i.    The word means to be complete, or spiritually mature

c.    Jesus commands us to be perfect in Matthew 5:48

                                          i.    He told the young ruler he was missing one action from being perfect (Matt 19:21)

                                        ii.    Sometimes one sin can keep us from spiritual maturity

d.    We must move on from the milk of the Word to the meat in order to grow

III.           A Lack of Labor

a.    The church at Corinth struggled to receive the meat of the Word as well (1 Cor 3:1-15)

                                          i.    They were interested in who led them to Christianity more than giving God the glory

b.    Paul goes on to describe the need for labor

                                          i.    They will be judged according to their individual labors

                                        ii.    Their work may not be the best quality in the end, but it is necessary

c.    Jesus called this bearing fruit in John 15:1-6

                                          i.    Those who do not bear fruit will be burned in fire forever

d.    Those who do not labor will fall away (Luke 8:14-15)

                                          i.    They are like the flower choked out by thorns

IV.          A Lack of Love

a.    The lack of learning and laboring comes down to a lack of love (Heb 6:3-12, Eph 4:11-16)

                                          i.    If we love the Lord we will study His Word

                                        ii.    If we love the brethren we will serve them in our labors

b.    Jesus said visiting the sick and those in prison meant visiting Him (Matt 25:40)

c.    Every individual has a part/role to play and without it the body is hindered

                                          i.    Paul referenced the labor of love the Thessalonians had (2 Thess 1:3)

                                        ii.    We must have this same attitude if we want to grow in Christ