OceanSide church of Christ

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by: Dalton Gilreath

I.              Introduction

a.    If we made a list of our top 7 worst sins what would be on it?

                                          i.    We might have adultery, rape, murder, etc

                                        ii.    Where would we put lying on the list?

b.    God puts lying in His list of most hated sins twice (Prov 6:16-19)

                                          i.    We sometimes call them “little white lies”

                                        ii.    We need to change our view of lying to God’s view

II.            God and Lying

a.    God cannot lie (Titus 1:2)

                                          i.    Anything God says we can take to the bank

                                        ii.    Any promise will always be fulfilled

1.    There are no exceptions unless otherwise stated because that would be lying

                                       iii.    If there is ever a time lying is good wouldn’t God be able to do it?

1.    Some argue there are situations that arise which justify lying

b.    God hates lying (Prov 12:22)

                                          i.    Again, we need to view lying as God does

1.    We are to abhor evil (Rom 12:9)

                                        ii.    When we hate something we never want anything to do with it

c.    God’s nature is Truth (John 14:6)

                                          i.    He 100% truth and there is no deceit in Him whatsoever

                                        ii.    His works are also truth (Psa 33:4)

1.    Everything He is and does is truth

2.    What about us?

d.    The opposite of God is Satan (John 8:44)

                                          i.    As God is all truth Satan is all lies

1.    He is the father of lies

2.    Those who lie are like him and not God

                                        ii.    How could we ever justify lying?

III.           Man and Lying

a.    A righteous man hates lying (Prov 13:5)

                                          i.    A godly person views lying as God views it

b.    Lying is a very common sin (Jam 3:8)

                                          i.    The tongue can be hard to control

                                        ii.    We can sin with the tongue so easily

1.    Studies show most lie 25 or more times a day

c.    Men justify it with many reasons

                                          i.    Lying to avoid consequences

                                        ii.    Lying to make yourself look good

                                       iii.    Lying to get gain

                                       iv.    Lying to avoid hurting someone’s feelings

IV.          Arguments

a.    Many argue lying is acceptable in certain situations

                                          i.    Our conversation must be fully truth and no less (Matt 5:37)

                                        ii.    Justifying lying is calling evil good (Isa 5:12)

                                       iii.    We must buy the truth and never sell it (Prov 23:23)

b.    Some argue lying is acceptable because of Rahab (Josh 2:1-7)

                                          i.    Rahab is mentioned as faithful for hiding the spies (Heb 11:31, Jam 2:25)

1.    Do these texts mention her lies anywhere?

2.    Could the text read the same if she hadn’t lied?

                                        ii.    The fact is, these passages do no inherently include her lies

1.    Again, lying is hated by God and belongs to Satan

2.    Justifying lying is the work of the devil

V.           Conclusion

a.    Right and wrong are not determined by earthly consequences (Luke 18:22)

b.    Be faithful until death (Rev 2:10)

c.    All liars will be lost without exception (Rev 21:8)

d.    God cannot lie (Tit 1:2)

e.    Satan is the source of all lies (Matt 5:37)

f.     There is always a way of escape (1 Cor 13:10)