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I Have Sinned
by: Dalton Gilreath

I.              Introduction

A.   There are many reasons one might confess their sin

                                          i.    However, genuine repentance is only one of those reasons

B.   Many men of the Bible made the statement, “I have sinned”

                                          i.    Few actually meant it

C.   Let’s go through the scriptures in search of genuine repentance

                                          i.    Consider Pharaoh, Balaam, Achan, Saul, Judas, and David

II.            Pharaoh (Ex 9:27, 10:16)

A.   Pharaoh made his confession amidst thunder, fire, and hail

                                          i.    As soon as the plague ceased he hardened his heart again

                                        ii.    When the locusts came he repeated the process yet again

                                       iii.    I call this “situational repentance”

B.   Many confess sin when they need God to help them

                                          i.    Some might call upon God when work gets hard or they are ill

                                        ii.    They realize God will answer them more favorably if they are righteous (Jam 5:16)

1.    Therefore, they confess sin in those situations

2.    Once things are good again they go right back to sin

III.           Balaam (Num 22:34)

A.   Balaam was asked by Balak to curse Israel so he could defeat them in battle

                                          i.    Balaam rejected the offer the first attempt

                                        ii.    The second time the offer was more rewarding and Balaam chose the money (2 Pet 2:15)

1.    God had told Balaam to only go with the men if asked

2.    However, Balaam got up and went anyways

B.   As Balaam journeyed an angel blocked his path

                                          i.    This is when Balaam confessed his sin

                                        ii.    Later, Balaam gave evil counsel regarding Israel for his own gain

1.    I would call this “double-minded repentance”

C.   We may sincerely want to do what is right, but we go back to sin anyways

                                          i.    We may struggle with covetousness like Balaam and desire to stop

1.    Yet, it doesn’t take long for us to go right back to the sin again

IV.          Achan (Josh 7:20)

A.   Achan took of the spoils of Jericho breaking God’s command

                                          i.    Israel began to suffer the consequences of this sin

                                        ii.    Instead of confessing, God had to reveal Achan to Joshua

1.    Achan was stoned to death and burned

                                       iii.    I would call this “reluctant repentance”

B.   Achan decided to keep his sin a secret until it was too late

                                          i.    He finally confessed the sin but it was too late

C.   Many have secret sin they don’t want to give up

                                          i.    The options are to give it up now and be in Heaven or give it up at judgment and be lost eternally

V.           Saul (1 Sam 15:24)

A.   Saul was told to destroy the Amalekites and all their flocks

                                          i.    Saul had all but the king killed and spared a few sheep and oxen

                                        ii.    Saul had planned to sacrifice them to God later

B.   At first Saul believed he had obeyed God

                                          i.    However, Samuel told him he was about to be demoted as king

1.    Then Saul confessed is sin

                                        ii.    Saul then asked Samuel to publicly worship with him

1.    His concern was not sin but other’s thoughts

2.    He wanted to put on a show and please everyone

C.   Some might confess sin to appease those around them

                                          i.    Others might confess sin in order to look good to the brethren

1.    Once again this is not genuine repentance

VI.          Judas (Matt 27:4)

A.   Judas regretted his betrayal but committed suicide

                                          i.    I call this “remorseful repentance”

                                        ii.    Judas’ remorse was good, but he fell unworthy to repent

B.   Many today feel unworthy to be saved and reject God’s plan

                                          i.    Truly we are unworthy but Jesus’ blood has no limits

                                        ii.    If we turn away from sin, no matter how bad that sin might have been, He will forgive us

VII.         David (2 Sam 12:13)

A.   David had murdered Uriah and committed adultery with Bathsheba

                                          i.    It wasn’t until Nathan confronted him that he realized he had sinned

                                        ii.    David had to step out of his own shoes and view himself

1.    He was truly sorry for his sin and chose not to do it again

2.    We finally found a case of genuine repentance

B.   Sometimes we must step out and look at ourselves and our actions

                                          i.    We should be thankful for friends who are honest with us about sin

C.   If you have sin in your life don’t be like Pharaoh, Balaam, Achan, Saul, or Judas.

                                          i.    Be like David and genuinely repent before it’s too late

                                        ii.    Like the prodigal son, our Father waits for us and watches (Luke 15:21)

1.    If you need to repent do so today while you still can