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Did Man Ever See a Live Dinosaur
by: Dalton Gilreath

I.              Introduction

A.   Dinosaurs have always been fascinating creatures to study

                                          i.    From an early age most have an interest in learning more

                                        ii.    The lies associated with dinosaurs has caused many to lose faith

B.   Evolutionists want to places dinosaurs on the Earth around 62 million years before humans

                                          i.    If humans never saw dinosaurs then the Bible is fake (Gen 1:24-31)

                                        ii.    Humans and dinosaurs were made on day six

1.    Denying this fact is to deny scripture’s inspiration

C.   Evolutions also claim birds evolved from dinosaurs

                                          i.    However, birds were created on day 5 before land animals

D.   Proving that men once walked with dinosaurs is the key to disproving these false teachings

                                          i.    Evidence can be found outside of the Bible and within the Bible

II.            Evidence from outside of the Bible

A.   There are many locations around the world that reveal men and dinosaurs once walked together

                                          i.    The evidence is seen in drawings and carvings by ancient civilizations

1.    The artwork of dinosaurs was drawn way before we knew they existed by way of fossils

                                        ii.    Natural Bridges National Monument in Utah is an example

1.    Anasazi Indians drew an Apatosaurus in the clay under Kachina bridge

a.    Experts show these petroglyphs to be genuine

2.    In addition, Apatosaurus fossils were found just 40 miles from the drawings

                                       iii.    Another example is Ta Prohm Temple in Cambodia

1.    There is an engraving of a Stegosaurus in the rock

a.    These are also genuine because of the iron staples

2.    Apparently men still saw dinosaurs some 1,000 years ago

                                       iv.    Other examples exist as well, such as the grand canyon

III.           Evidence from within the Bible

A.   How could man have survived these large creatures?

                                          i.    Remember the Bible says man has dominion over these animals and that they fear us (Gen 1:26-28, cf. 9:2)

                                        ii.    Consider the 6 ton elephant that we have trained to obey us

1.    The T-rex weighed only around 2 tons more

                                       iii.    Consider the largest animal to ever live, the blue whale

1.    It weighs up to 200 tons and yet they are endangered

a.    We have nearly killed them to extinction

B.   Are dinosaurs mentioned in the Bible?

                                          i.    The term “dinosaur” is English and was coined in 1822 after the KJV of the Bible was written

                                        ii.    Dinosaurs are in the Bible but they are called other names

1.    For example, the Behemoth of Job 40:15-24

a.    The description only fits a dinosaur

2.    Leviathan must have been one as well in chapter 41

C.   How did they all die?

                                          i.    The flood killed many by buring them alive

                                        ii.    As with other animals they were probably hunted

                                       iii.    We can’t be sure but we have evidence that they existed with man as much as the dodo bird or any other extinct animal