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Lessons from King Asa
by: Dalton Gilreath

I.              Introduction

A.   King Asa is not the most well-known figure of the Bible

                                          i.    We find him in 2 Chronicles 14-16

                                        ii.    His described as a man who “did that which was good and right in the eyes of the Lord his God” (14:2)

1.    Would God describe us in a similar fashion?

B.   Asa was not always faithful to the Lord

                                          i.    Later in life he fell short of this wonderful compliment

1.    Let’s consider some lesson from his decisions

II.            The Good

A.   Asa removed the idols in the land (14:3)

                                          i.    Sometimes we may need to remove things from our lives

1.    Things like television, internet, and others might hinder us

                                        ii.    Anything that might hinder us spiritual might be considered an “idol”

                                       iii.    Are we willing to let go of pleasure in order to be faithful to God?

B.   Asa led others to see God (14:4-5)

                                          i.    Asa used his influence for the growth of the spiritual kingdom

1.    This led his physical kingdom to be at peace

                                        ii.    How often do we use our powers of influence to lead others to God?

1.    Do we seek opportunities by watching for them around us?

C.   Asa fortified the kingdom even during peaceful times (14:6-7)

                                          i.    He recognized there would not always be peace

1.    He was wise enough to fortify for the future

                                        ii.    How often do we fortify our homes to avoid disaster?

1.    Some wait until it is too late to deal with temptations

2.    Communication can be a great way to fortify the family

                                       iii.    Satan will not allow us to be at peace for long

1.    The same fortification holds true for the church

2.    False teachers will try again to infiltrate our faith

D.   Asa feared only God (14:8-15)

                                          i.    Asa battled a million troops with only 580,000 men

1.    He had faith that God was greater than any size or power

                                        ii.    We are outnumbered when we see the news and events around us

1.    Do we have the faith of Asa to trust in God?

2.    His side will always have the victory

E.   Asa was motivated by preaching (15:1-10)

                                          i.    Asa pushed himself to do even more when encouraged by the prophet’s preaching

                                        ii.    Are we encouraged by faithful preaching?

1.    Do we take advantage of every opportunity to hear it?

a.    This might be meetings, lectureships, and worship

F.    Asa sought God with all his being (15:11-15)

                                          i.    There is a difference between seeking God and remaining stationary

1.    If we seek God He will be found (Matt 6:33)

2.    Seeking takes action, dedication, and priority

G.   Asa put God before family

                                          i.    His grandmother was involved in idolatry and he removed her as queen

1.    What a difficult decision this must have been

                                        ii.    Are we willing to stand up to our family for God? (Matt 10:43ff)

III.           The Bad

A.   Asa put his trust in man this time (16:1-6)

                                          i.    Little as said as to why, but Asa fell short late in life

                                        ii.    When the king of Israel placed boundaries near the southern kingdom Asa looked to man instead of God

1.    He paid a pagan king to aid him in battle

                                       iii.    We can sometime put our trust in man and forget God

1.    Again, God will have the victory always

B.   Asa stopped listening to good preaching (16:7-10)

                                          i.    When told he did wrong Asa imprisoned the preacher this time

1.    He then killed those who agreed

                                        ii.    When we stop listening to the Word we have no hope

                                       iii.    We must always keep a soft heart

C.   Asa died with a disease (16:11-14)

                                          i.    He trusted in the physicians and not God

1.    He died of a foot disease and a spiritual disease

                                        ii.    We must look to God for all our infirmities, especially sin

1.    Leaving this world in sin will cost us everything

2.    Look to God and not man!

IV.          Conclusion

A.   Be like Asa at the first and not the last (16:11)

                                          i.    Which Asa are you most like?