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The Virgin Birth
by: Dalton Gilreath

I.              Introduction

A.   The virgin birth is one of the fundamental pillars of Christianity

                                          i.    It is included with the death, resurrection, and second coming

                                        ii.    Without the virgin birth Christianity would not exist

B.   Many are attacking and denying the validity of the virgin birth

                                          i.    Modernists deny it because it is supernatural

                                        ii.    Jews deny it because it would mean He is the Messiah

                                       iii.    Some versions of the Bible are changing virgin to “young woman”

C.   This lesson is designed to discuss the validity and significance of this topic

II.            Is the virgin birth valid?

A.   The Bible constantly alludes to the virgin birth beginning in Genesis 3:15

                                          i.    In this first Messianic prophecy the seed is “her seed”

                                        ii.    Normally the seed is described along the lineage of the man

1.    We see this in Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob

2.    We see this in David and the genealogies of Christ

                                       iii.    Christ was not the seed of Joseph, but of Mary alone

B.   Another Old Testament prophecy is found in Isaiah 7:14

                                          i.     God tells Ahaz there will be a sign

1.    The sign is a virgin will give birth to Immanuel

2.    Some translations want to say “young woman”

3.    Matthew’s account says “virgin” as well (1:23)

a.    The Greek word is Parthenos

b.    This always means virgin

                                        ii.    Likewise the Hebrew word is never used to mean anything but virgin

C.   Five more proofs of the virgin birth are found in Matthew

                                          i.    “Begat” is not used in reference to Mary (1:16)

1.    It is used of men 39 times until that point

2.    Jesus’ birth was different than the rest

                                        ii.    Joseph and Mary were betrothed (1:18)

1.    They had not consummated the marriage

                                       iii.    Joseph was going to put her away (Matt 1:19)

1.    If it was his child he wouldn’t have thought to do so

                                       iv.    Joseph continued to not “know” her until Jesus birth (1:25)

                                        v.    Mary would not have allowed Jesus to die if He had not truly been the son of God (Matt 26:63)

1.    That was the reason He was accused by the Sanhedrin

2.    Mary did not deny it nor did His friends

III.           Why was Jesus’ born of a virgin?

A.   For His mission

                                          i.    To reveal God to man (John 1:18, 14:9)

                                        ii.    To die on the cross (Heb 2:9)

                                       iii.    To become the mediator between God and man (1 Tim 2:5)

B.   For His manifestation

                                          i.    The word became flesh (John 1:1, 14)

                                        ii.    He took on the form of a servant being equal with God (Phil 2:6-8)

C.   God didn’t send Jesus as an adult or by natural means including Joseph

                                          i.    The only way He could have a full human experience and yet the process still be supernatural was a virgin birth

                                        ii.    The awesome omniscient mind of God

IV.          Why does it matter?

A.   If the virgin birth isn’t valid then the Bible is false

                                          i.    The Bible is full of claims of the virgin birth

                                        ii.    If this isn’t true none of the Bible can be taken seriously

B.   If the virgin birth isn’t valid then Jesus was not deity

                                          i.    He would have been another man like any other

                                        ii.    If would have been anything but the Savior

C.   If the virgin birth isn’t valid He couldn’t complete His mission

D.   If the virgin birth isn’t valid then Jesus was a liar (John 3:16)

E.   All Christianity hinges upon the validity of the virgin birth

                                          i.    If it isn’t valid then our salvation is a lie

                                        ii.    The virgin birth is valid and of utmost importance