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A Godly Spouse
by: Dalton Gilreath

I.              Introduction

A.   They say behind every good man is a good woman

                                          i.    There is a lot of truth to that statement

                                        ii.    Women are a helper comparable to man

B.   Godís design and institution of marriage is a blessing and privilege

                                          i.    Marriage is abused, taken for granted, and misunderstood

                                        ii.    Marriages are crumbling because of an ignorance of the Bible

C.   Peter describes how to be a wife and husband we need to be (1 Peter 3:1-7)

                                          i.    These seven verses are from the perspective of the woman

                                        ii.    Consider a few lessons we can learn from these passages

II.            The role of the wife

A.   Her behavior (1 Pet 3:1-2)

                                          i.    Peter begins by discussing her subjection to her husband

1.    Women are being raised in this society to be anything but submissive to another

2.    However, women must be in subjection to their husbands as they would to Christ (Eph 5:23-24)

a.    This takes a change of mindset

b.    This takes a desire to obey God

                                        ii.    Peter also mentions her behavior being coupled with fear

1.    The word here is better translated respect or reverence (cf. Eph. 5:33)

2.    Men are programmed to desire respect and to feel like the leader

a.    The way a wife speaks and acts toward her husband can be very disrespectful and counterproductive

b.    Remember, submit to him as you would Christ

B.   Her Beauty (1 Pet 3:3-4)

                                          i.    Peter tells wives to focus on the inner beauty and not the outer

1.    Notice their spirit (attitude) needs to be meek and quiet

a.    They are powerful but under control

b.    Wives set the emotional tone of the home and need to keep that in mind for their husbands and children

2.    This inner beauty is of great value (Prov 31:10)

C.   Her background (1 Pet 3:5-6)

                                          i.    Peter references the women of old who submitted to their husbands and specifically mentions Sarah

                                        ii.    It is as if God is holding her up and saying you wives can be like her

                                       iii.    Which woman of old would best represent the wife of your family?

1.    Would it be Jezebel who led Ahab away from God?

2.    Would it be Jobís wife who did not support him in a difficult time?

3.    Would it be Priscilla who was so hospitable?

4.    Would it be Sarah for her subjection?

III.           The role of the husband

A.   Peter turns to the husband for just one passage but it says a lot (1 Pet 3:7)

                                          i.    He must dwell with her according to knowledge

1.    Women usually understand men better than the men do their wives

2.    Men need to learn their wives needs and fulfill them as best they can

B.   Wives need affection (1 Cor 7:3)

                                          i.    Husbands must speak the same language as the wife

1.    Love for her might be spelled T-I-M-E or T-O-U-C-H

2.    Learning her needs and meeting them will fill her love tank and make for a happy momma

C.   Wives need communication (Song 2:14)

                                          i.    Usually when there is a communication problem it is the fault of the man

1.    Men need to give quality talk time to their wives each day

2.    Being a good listener and responder is so important to the wife

D.   Wives need honesty (Prov 31:11)

                                          i.    Husbands can safely trust in a virtuous woman but the reciprocal must be true as well

1.    †Being dishonest can ruin a relationship

2.    It can take a long time to recover although it is possible

E.   Peter goes on to explain why to dwell in knowledge

                                          i.    She is the weaker vessel

1.    She isnít worthless but fragile

2.    She needs to feel secure and protected

                                        ii.    You are heirs together

1.    Christ died for her and He allows you to have her

2.    Treat her with the respect her Lord does

                                       iii.    Your prayers are hindered otherwise

1.    Being in a disagreement would not be good for prayer time

2.    Praying with your spouse needs to happen daily without hindrance

3.    This canít happen if the two arenít getting along well