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by: Dalton Gilreath

I.              Introduction

A.   God’s chemistry is amazing when it comes to salt

                                          i.    Sodium is a hazardous metal to work with and chlorine is a poisonous gas to inhale

                                        ii.    However, when you combine the two you get something good, salt

                                       iii.    The picture is God taking us, sinners, and combining us with the cross and getting Christians

B.   Jesus said that some people were “good for nothing” in essence (Matt 5:13)

                                          i.    As Christians were are the salt of the Earth but if we do not do our duty as salt we are worthless

                                        ii.    Salt and Christians have at least six things in common we should remember tonight

II.            Salt Seasons

A.   We do not enjoy eating unsavory meals without salt (Job 6:6)

                                          i.    Job uses the white of an egg as an example of a tasteless food

                                        ii.    We are the flavor of this world as salt

                                       iii.    As Christians we make this world a better place, or should

B.   Paul describes our speech as needing to be seasoned with salt (Col 4:6)

                                          i.    Everything we say and do needs to bring out the best in others and not the opposite

                                        ii.    What an honor to know we are the salt that flavors this unsavory world

III.           Salt Preserves

A.   Jesus was speaking to some fishermen in the sermon on the mount

                                          i.    Fishermen would rub salt on their fish to preserve it for trade

                                        ii.    Likewise we, as Christians, are to preserve this world and nation

B.   God told Abraham He would not destroy Sodom if he could find only 10 righteous people there

                                          i.    Unfortunately, only four could be found

                                        ii.    However, this is comforting to us as Christians knowing we can preserve this nation amidst the horrible direction she is going

C.   Solomon said that righteousness exalts a nation (Prov 14:34)

                                          i.    You recall the Amorites were not destroyed by God until their iniquity was “full” (Gen 15:16)

                                        ii.    God will not destroy a nation with a proper amount of righteous people

                                       iii.    What a responsibility this is to Christians today

IV.          Salt Heals

A.   It may be slightly less known that salt has a healing effect

                                          i.    When Elijah handed the mantle over to Elisha the people complained about the water

                                        ii.    Elisha took salt and healed the water by God’s power (2 Kings 2:19-22)

B.   Furthermore, historically babies would be rubbed down with salt to help fight infection

                                          i.    God references this tradition in Ezekiel 16:4

                                        ii.    Christians likewise need to have a healing effect on the world around us

1.    Ever had someone watch their mouth or actions when they are around you?

2.    When people know who we are they tend to respect that

                                       iii.    As others around us are “healed” by our example they might just come to Christ

V.           Salt Makes Thirsty

A.   When we eat salty foods we become very thirsty for water

B.   When others are becoming better by being around us they may decide they want to learn more about our Savior (John 7:37-38)

                                          i.    Our good example can cause others to become thirsty for Christ

                                        ii.    This leads us to the difficult part of salt

VI.          Salt Irritates

A.   Ever poured salt or had salt touch a wound?

                                          i.    Salt irritates, or burns, when put on an injury

                                        ii.    Jesus described Hell as a salting with fire (Mark 9:49)

1.    We must sometimes say things to others that might burn

2.    People need to hear about repentance and that can hurt

B.   Abimelech poured salt on the ground of Shechem to kill the grass (Judg 9:45)

                                          i.    We must cause others to put to death the old man of sin (Romans 6)

                                        ii.    This is what leads us to evangelism as salt

VII.         Salt Penetrates

A.   Finally, salt has a penetrating effect

                                          i.    Unlike sugar, salt dissolves in cold or hot liquids

                                        ii.    We must use the penetrating gospel to finally lead others to obey the gospel (Heb 4:12)

B.   It begins by the healing effect of our example

                                          i.    This leads to others becoming thirsty to learn

                                        ii.    They may need to hear things that are hard to hear

                                       iii.    With the gospel they might just decide to become a Christian

C.   No wonder Christians are described as the salt of the earth

                                          i.    We need to get out of the saltshaker and into the world

                                        ii.    Be the salt the Lord would have you be and let’s make this world a place with more Christians every chance we have