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Worship: Seventh or First Day?
by: Dalton Gilreath

I.              Introduction

A.   In 1847, Ellen G. White claimed to have a vision which taught her that the Sabbath day was to still be kept holy forever

                                          i.    She claimed she saw the commandment in the most holy place and it shown brighter than the others

                                        ii.    She added that you can tell a true Christian from an unbeliever by their treatment of the Sabbath

B.   Is it true that the Sabbath is still binding today?

                                          i.    Should we be worshipping on Saturday like the Seventh Day Adventist?

                                        ii.    Consider five verses that make the answer so very clear

II.            Exodus 20:2, 12

A.   The ten commandments were not given to all people

                                          i.    Noah had three sons: Ham, Shem, and Japeth

                                        ii.    Those standing at Sinai who were receiving these commandments were descendants of Shem only

B.   The Gentiles, descendants of Ham and Japeth, were not given the law or the ten commandments

                                          i.    Even if we lived during this time the Sabbath would not have applied to us as Gentiles

                                        ii.    God gave the law to those He brought up out of bondage (20:2)

                                       iii.    Furthermore, God told them to honor their parents when they entered Canaan’s Land

1.    Who was it that would enter that land?

2.    It was certainly not the Gentiles

III.           Jeremiah 31:31-33

A.   Jeremiah wrote that a new covenant would come that was different from the covenant give at Sinai

                                          i.    This is repeated in Hebrews 8:9-12 and certainly discusses the Old Law as a whole

                                        ii.    However, the argument comes that the Old Covenant did not include the ten commandments

B.   This would mean that the Law was removed but not the ten commandments

                                          i.    The answer can be found in 1 Kings 8:9 and 21

                                        ii.    Notice the covenant is in the ark and that covenant is the ten commandments

1.    The covenant did include the ten commandments and it has been done away along with the law

2.    Therefore, even if the ten commandments were given to Gentiles as well it was done away

IV.          Romans 7:1-7

A.   Paul discusses the law of marriage and the fact that death severs the marriage

                                          i.    When a spouse dies one has the right to marry another

                                        ii.    When the spouse lives and one marries another he/she is an adulteress

B.   This text is not about marriage but about the law

                                          i.    Paul describes Christians as being dead to the Old Law

                                        ii.    This signifies we are free to marry another, that is the Law of Christ

1.    He goes on to mention that the law had its purpose teaching about sin

2.    The key is in verse seven when he says that law that has been done away mentioned “Thou shalt not covet”

3.    Where did the law say such? In the ten commandments

                                       iii.    We are free from the law which included the ten commandments

V.           Colossians 2:14-17

A.   Paul describes the Old Law as being nailed to the cross of Christ

                                          i.    When Jesus died he took it out of the way

                                        ii.    This is when the Old Testament died as we discussed previously

B.   Paul further states that no man can judge you with regards to what the Law taught

                                          i.    He uses examples including food laws, drink laws, and feast days

                                        ii.    The last one he mentions is the Sabbath

                                       iii.    In other words, the Old Law is dead and no one can tell you to keep the Sabbath anymore because it is no longer binding

VI.          2 Corinthians 3:6-8

A.   Paul discusses the Old Law as the ministration of death

                                          i.    That letter, or Old Law, could not bring life

                                        ii.    The Gospel of Christ can truly give life

B.   Notice the glory of that dead Law is done away

                                          i.    Once again the tablets of stone are mentioned and included in what has be done away

                                        ii.    The ten commandments, including the Sabbath command, are gone and there is simply no Biblical way around it