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Why Donít We Compromise
by: Dalton Gilreath

I.              Introduction

A.   Compromise is defined as joining qualities of two sides in coming to a solution

                                          i.    Another definition is a concession of two sides

                                        ii.    This can be a great thing when it comes to negotiating things in the world

                                       iii.    However, compromising spiritually is the opposite

B.   Some argue that we spiritually compromise to promote peace

                                          i.    After all, the Bible says to live peaceably with all men when possible (Rom 12:18)

                                        ii.    Furthermore it says to pursue peace and that without it we wonít see the Lord (Rom 14:19, Heb 12:14)

                                       iii.    But peace does not mean compromising the word of God as we will being proving now

II.            Christ did not compromise

A.   When it came to others needs Christ would be compassionate and care for others

                                          i.    However, when it came to Godís will he never compromised

                                        ii.    There are some things we should never compromise

B.   Christ said He is the way, the truth, and the light (John 14:6)

                                          i.    Did He compromise and say Mohammad is also a way?

                                        ii.    Did He say Buddha could be another way?

C.   Another example is seen in Matthew 19:3-9

                                          i.    The Pharisees tested Jesus about divorce

                                        ii.    Jesus told them that not only would divorce for reasons other than fornication was wrong, but that if they marry another they are committing adultery

1.    Did Jesus compromise about divorce and remarriage?

2.    Do we ever see a time He compromised Godís will? Absolutely not

D.   The reason Christ didnít compromise on Truth was because it came from God† and not Himself (John 7:16-18)

                                          i.    He explained that speaking apart from Godís words is for oneís own gain

                                        ii.    God has always demanded His word to be maintained without any addition or subtraction (Deut 4:2)

                                       iii.    Compromising would mean we add or take away from His Word

III.           Common Motivations People Use For Compromise

A.   Avoiding Conflict

                                          i.    Pharaoh wanted to compromise with God in letting the people of Israel go (Ex 8:25-29, 10:7-9)

1.    His idea was to let them go worship God if Moses would have God remove the flies

2.    Moses would not make such a deal without using Godís terms

                                        ii.    How often do we compromise the Truth to avoid conflict?

1.    Maybe we are at a work party and are offered a beer

a.    Do we take it and just drink one glass?

b.    After all itís just one glass and we can avoid conflict

2.    Maybe we tell a ďwhite lieĒ to avoid upsetting someone

B.   Family

                                          i.    Josephís brothers conspired to kill him and throw him in a pit (Gen 37:18-30)

1.    Rueben stepped in but compromised what was right

2.    Instead of taking him back to Jacob he has him thrown into the pit alive

a.    He planned to return and rescue him later

b.    But the other brothers sold Joseph to slave traders while Reuben was gone

                                        ii.    Perhaps the most common argument for compromise is family

1.    Parents who once disapproved of homosexuality change their minds when it comes to their child who comes out as gay

2.    Rebuking others of sin is practiced until a family member is in sin and family members want to keep peace

C.   Fear

                                          i.    Peter left the dinner table of Gentiles when other Jews showed up (Gal 2:11-13)

1.    He feared what they would think and say

2.    His hypocrisy led others astray as well, including Barnabas

                                        ii.    Fear can be another motivator of compromise

1.    We tend to care about what others think and so we compromise to keep everyone happy

a.    Maybe we avoid public prayer when we are with non-Christians

b.    Maybe we keep quiet about the Gospel because others may think we are weird

2.    We may fear the government or persecution and compromise as well

a.    It could be a preacher who wonít preach on subjects like abortion and homosexuality

b.    It could be elders who fear the consequences of standing up for the Truth

D.   Numbers

                                          i.    Some churches are compromising the Truth in worship in order to increase their numbers (Rev 2:12-17)

1.    This may be why Pergamos allowed these false teachers to remain

2.    This would increase the financial gain as well after all

                                        ii.    Churches today are bring in praise teams, contemporary services, pianos, and more in order to cater to numbers and finances

1.    The more people in worship the better we agree

2.    However, the way to bring them in is with Truth not entertainment

3.    All they are doing is making their worship vain and the true numbers of the church dwindle