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How Can I Be Sure I Am Saved?
by: Dalton Gilreath

I.              Introduction

A.   John wrote the book of 1 John to encourage the Christian to have full joy (1 John 1:4)

                                          i.    Some Christians are  miserable wondering daily whether or not they are saved

                                        ii.    John wanted to help Christians be confident and joyful

B.   Please note that as we discuss sin throughout this lesson we are referencing non-continuous, unwillful sin

                                          i.    Continous, willful sin will separate us from God (Heb 10:26)

                                        ii.    In this study we are focusing on “daily” sins like a missed opportunity to do good, an evil thought, a slip of the tongue, etc

                                       iii.    Go through each chapter of the book of 1 John and consider how we can be sure we are saved

II.            Continual Cleansing

A.   1 John 1:7-9

                                          i.    As we continuously walk in the light we are continuously cleansed of our sin

                                        ii.    This is how we can be sure we are saved when we have that car accident after a slip of the tongue and die without praying for forgiveness

1.    The moment we sin we are forgiven as long as we are striving to walk faithfully daily

2.    Again, this is true of daily slips not purposeful sin

B.   We see this concept further described in Romans (4:8)

                                          i.    Paul describes the Christian as a man to whom sin is not “imputed”

1.    To amputate is to remove

2.    To impute or “imputate” is to put on

3.    A faithful Christian does not have sin put on his record

                                        ii.    Furthermore, there is no condemnation to those who “walk” in the Spirit (Rom 8:1)

1.    Again, sin is what condemns us to be lost

2.    As a Christian trying to walk faithfully I will not be condemned for daily, sinful slips

III.           Perfect Propitiation

A.   1 John 2:1-2

                                          i.    John explains that we should not sin but when we do we have an advocate and a propitiation for that sin

1.    An advocate is someone who goes before the judge on our behalf

2.    A propitiation is an appeasement

3.    It is like a lawyer who has the judge appease a ticket so that it doesn’t show up on our record

B.   1 John 2:3-4

                                          i.    Notice there is still the condition that we are trying to keep his commandments

                                        ii.    This mentality that I am lost every time I slip doesn’t fit these passages

                                       iii.    We are forgiven the moment we slip as we walk faithfully

IV.          Destroying Doubt

A.   1 John 3:19-21

                                          i.    Our heart condemns us when we let guilt remain in our mind

                                        ii.    Notice, God is greater than our heart and we must relinquish the guilt

                                       iii.    If we do not have guilt the result is confidence in salvation

B.   Hebrews 10:22

                                          i.    Our assurance comes from not only baptism in water, but a pure conscience

                                        ii.    I can only be confident in my salvation when I am not focused on the mistakes I make every day

V.           Fixing Fear

A.   1 John 4:16-18, 5:3

                                          i.    John knew there would be those who feared judgement day

                                        ii.    He tells us we can have boldness in that day knowing we are in the love of God

                                       iii.    Again, the condition is that we keep His commandments

                                       iv.    However, the commandments are not grievous!

B.   Luke 1:6

                                          i.    Zacharias and Elisabeth are described as having kept all God’s commands and being found blameless

                                        ii.    Did they never sin?

1.    Of course they sinned but they were walking in the light

2.    Therefore, they were blameless before God

VI.          Complete Confidence

A.   1 John 5:13

                                          i.    John wrote this letter to fill Christians with joy and confidence in their belief in Jesus

                                        ii.    Christians do not have a practice of sinning they simply slip from time to time (1 John 5:18)

                                       iii.    Satan cannot even touch a faithful Christian

B.   How can I be sure I am saved?

                                          i.    Because I am continually cleansed by a perfect propitiation

                                        ii.    Therefore, my doubt should be destroyed and my fears fixed leaving me with complete confidence

                                       iii.    You do not go all day between lost and saved, you remain saved as long as you avoid that continuous, purposeful sin