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1 Timothy 2:3-6

JUST ONE SOUL (2018 OceanSide theme)

Brandon Baggett




A.      In the previous two lessons, we have learned noted several things about man’s state before God to help motivate us to be more evangelistic in the year 2018.

1.       We have seen that all men have a soul.

a.       Man has been made in the very image of God

b.       Our soul is of great value

c.       Our soul will live on after death

2.       We have seen that the souls of all mankind are lost and needing salvation.

a.       Everyone of accountable age and mind has sinned against God

b.       Man has no way of saving himself

c.       The consequences of sin are far reaching

d.       The ultimate consequence of dying lost is eternal Hell fire

B.      In light of these things, there is another great reality we must consider to spur us on in our efforts to rescue the lost from sin–GOD WANTS ALL MEN TO BE SAVED!  (1 Timothy 2:1-8)  

1.       In the immediate context of this passage, the apostle Paul has been teaching the place of prayer in the local church.

a.       The importance of prayer (v.1)

b.       The nature of prayer (v.2)

c.       The aim of prayer (v.2)

d.       The conditions of prayer (v.8)

2.       One of the most interesting things Paul teaches about prayer in this passage is that we are to pray for “all men” (v.1). instead of praying for only ourselves, our family, our friends, or even just our church family, the Bible calls upon us to pray for all people.

a.       There are two basic reasons presented why:

1)      it is good (v.3)–prayer is intrinsically good, and it is a good thing for God’s people to offer up prayers for our fellow man

2)      God wants all men to be saved (vv.3-6)–since God wants all men to be saved, it only makes sense to pray for all men. Our prayers for the lost, of course, ought to be ultimately aimed at the salvation of their souls–open doors, word to have free course, honest hearts, boldness, etc.

C.      If we are ever going to be successful at evangelism, we need to understand God’s intense longing for man to be saved. Notice some things we can learn from this passage about God’s desire for all men to be saved.




A.      God’s wish, will, and desire is that all men be saved.

1.       Isn’t that an amazing thought to consider!

a.       God, without distinction, wants all men to be saved.

b.       God has the same interest in all and the same desire for all.

1)      If you are rich – and if you are poor

2)      If you are educated – and if you are uneducated

3)      If you are popular – and if you are unpopular

4)      If you are white, black, red, or yellow

5)      If you are living a godly life – and even if you are living an ungodly life 

2.       God’s desire for all men to be saved can be traced all throughout the Bible.

a.       It was seen in God’s promises to Abraham. (Genesis 12:1-3)  

b.       It was seen in the pages of prophecy. (Isaiah 53:6) 

c.       It was heard on the day of Pentecost. (Acts 2:38-39)

d.       It was preached to the house of Cornelius. (Acts 10:34-35)

B.      God is love, He deeply loves the souls of all men, and He earnestly wants all men to be saved. 



A.      God’s love and desire for all men to be saved is not passive. God acted upon His love in sending His Son Jesus Christ to die on the cross for all men.

1.       Jesus knew well He was on the earth to die for all mankind.

a.       He knew His mission was to save the lost. (Luke 19:10) 

b.       He knew this mission involved dying for all humanity. (John 3:16-17) 

2.       Unlike the teachings of Calvinism, which neither aligns with the Bible or the nature of God, the sacrifice of Christ was for all of humanity.

B.      As the apostle Paul taught, Jesus Christ died as a RANSOM for all.

1.       The term “ransom” literally means the price paid to free a slave.

a.       The whole world lay under the bondage of sin. (1 John 5:19; John 8:32-34)

b.       The ultimate consequence would be death. (Romans 6:23)

c.       Jesus willingly shed His blood to buy us back from sin. (Acts 20:28; Mark 10:45)

2.       Without the ransom provision of Christ, nobody could be saved!

C.      God loves and desires for mankind to be saved to such a degree He was willing to pay the highest price that could be payed to redeem sinful humanity.



A.      God deeply wants all men to be saved, but that does not mean all men will be saved.

1.       In fact, Jesus taught that the masses of mankind will not be saved. (Matt.7:13-14)  

2.       Why is it that the masses of mankind will be lost?

a.       It isn’t because God didn’t want them to be saved

b.       It isn’t because Christ didn’t die so they could be saved

c.       It is because they did not meet the conditions to be saved

B.      God’s desire for all men to be saved is conditioned by His desire for a genuine response from mankind, and that response is found in complying with God’s conditions.

1.       God wants man to be saved, but He isn’t going to force anyone to love, follow, obey, and serve Him.

a.       Such would make God into a tyrant and create us into robots.

b.       God isn’t going to force anybody to be saved!

2.       To be saved, we must come to the knowledge of the truth.

a.       The original language suggests a full knowledge and application of the truth.

1)      Remember, Jesus said this was the only thing which would set men free from sin. (John 8:32)

2)      Sadly, many will die in a lost condition–not because the truth was not available or accessible, but because…

a)       They rejected the notion of truth

b)      They never sought out the truth

c)       They heard the truth and didn’t agree with it

d)      They heard and obeyed the truth, but they fell away from it

b.       To be saved, the lost need to hear and heed the saving message of the Gospel.

C.      God wants all men to saved, Christ died so all men could be saved, but all men will not be saved because many refuse to meet the conditions God has set forth in the Gospel.



A.      In light of the fact that God wants all men to be saved, Christ died for all men, but all men will be lost without the truth, Paul knew he had a great mission – proclaim the saving truth of the Gospel.

1.       Paul used three concepts in verse 7 to express his important mission:

a.       A preacher – a herald, or proclaimer of divine truth

b.       An apostle – one sent with a special mission

c.       A teacher –  an instructor of God’s word

2.       in reality, we have a great mission just like the apostle Paul.

a.       We have been sent by Christ with a special mission to proclaim divine truth and instruct our fellow man in the ways of God.

b.       Notice the many passages which highlight this mission:

1)      John 6:45 – taught of God

2)      Matthew 28:18-20 – go, teach, and baptize

3)      Mark 16:15 – go and preach the Gospel

4)      Acts 5:42 – to teach and preach Jesus

5)      Acts 8:4 – went everywhere preaching the word

B.      If we don’t see our mission like the Apostle Paul did, who will teach the truth to the world lost in sin and error? Without our efforts, many will die lost in their sins.


A.      God wants all men to be saved!

1.       He loves all men with every ounce of His being.

2.       He sent Christ who died as the ransom for all men.

3.       His word invites all men to come to Him and meet His conditions.

4.       Heaven awaits all who will hear and heed the truth.

B.      Let us resolve to see souls in 2018, sorrow over the lostness of humanity, and lovingly do our part to help as many as we can come to a full and obedient knowledge of the truth.