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OceanSide church of Christ



Gospel Meeting n February 28 – March 1, 2020







Feb 28

7:00 PM

Victory in the Blood of Jesus


Feb 29

7:00 PM

Victory in the church of Jesus


Mar 1

10:00 AM

Victory in Jesus


Mar 1

11:15 AM

Victory in Jesus Over Worry


Mar 1

12:00 PM

Potluck Lunch (all are welcome)


Mar 1

1:30 PM

Faith Is the Victory


Guest Speaker: Billy Bland


Billy Bland was born in Oxford, Mississippi. An alumnus of Memphis School of Preaching (1977), he returned in January 1992 as a full-time instructor. He earned the B.A. and M.A. from Southern Christian University (now Amridge University). He also earned the Graduate Diploma from Memphis School of Preaching in 1991.


Billy married Terry Collums in 1974, and they have two children, and three grandchildren.  He served in the United States Army from 1971-73 as an Army Medic.


He has served as preacher for churches in Henning, Tennessee (1977-78); Monticello, Mississippi (1978-82); and Coldwater, Mississippi (1978-1994) and also preached part-time in Independence, Mississippi, while teaching in the Memphis School of Preaching.

He began serving as Dean of Students for Memphis School of Preaching in 1992, and then Administrative Dean and now as Associate Director. He heads campaign work for the School and is director of the mission work with the Far East / World Evangelism which involves Russia, Singapore, and many other countries in the Far East.


He served as co-editor of “The Bible Beacon” and has held meetings in several states, Canada, Peru, Russia, Singapore, India, Malaysia, China; spoken on Spiritual Sword, Memphis School of Preaching, Mississippi Annual, Power, Nesbit, Schertz, Lubbock Lectureships and other lectureships overseas. He has experience both in television and radio preaching.


He serves as one of the elders of the Coldwater Church of Christ in Coldwater, Mississippi, where he formerly preached for 12 years. Brother Bland teaches New and Old Testament, The Preacher and His Work, and Missions. He is very involved in teaching and missions.