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The Power of Kindness
by: Dalton Gilreath

King Saul, being powered by envy, chased David day after day seeking to take his life. After having to deter from his mission in order to deal with the Philistines he inquired of Davidís whereabouts to begin his pursuit again (1 Sam 24:1). What Saul didnít realize is that God had promised David to deliver Saul into his hands (1 Sam 24:4). As Saul was searching for David he paused for a moment to enter a cave in order to ďcover his feetĒ (1 Sam 24:3). This seems to imply he went in to rest. Therefore, Saul separated himself to enter the cave alone as his men stood watch. This was Godís providence at work because this was the exact cave David was hiding in. And so God tells David that His promised is fulfilled and he may do with him as he pleased. Davidís decision was one of great compassion and restraint. Instead of taking Saulís life, which he had authority to do, he cut off a piece of Saulís skirt in the darkness in response to his good and tender heart (1 Sam 24:5).
Once Saul left the cave David followed him out and announced his presence. He revealed the situation that had just presented itself and proved to Saul he meant no harm by showing him the piece of his skirt (1 Sam 24:11). As angry as Saul had been at David this act of kindness changed his heart. Saul immediately recognized Davidís good amidst all of his own evil (1 Sam 24:17). Instead of killing David, Saul blessed him as the future king and left from pursuing him altogether. This account reveals again the power of kindness. One act of kindness towards a stranger or even an enemy can change hearts for good. Remember to put OceanSideís theme of kindness into practice this year every opportunity that presents itself. Use kindness as though it were the hand of Midas turning hearts to gold with its touch.†