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You Can Be Extraordinary
by: Dalton Gilreath

Sometimes Christians get the idea that their role in the church is miniscule at best. This line of thinking is connected to a lack of faith in Godís ability to do extraordinary things with ordinary people. Christians can forget the incredible deeds that were done by normal men and women of the Bible. For example, Moses was a young man whose childhood was quite twisted. He ended up running away and starting a family as a shepherd in the small town of Midian. Yet, God used Moses to deliver His people from the land of bondage and become the greatest prophet Israel ever had (Deut 34:10). Another example to consider would be David. He too was a young man working with sheep. God turned him into a great king and a giant slayer. Thereís also Esther. She was just a normal woman who had the courage to stand before a wicked king requesting her people be spared knowing the king might have her killed and deny her request (Esther 4:16). A Christian must always remember what God can do with one ordinary person who possesses great faith in Him. While a person might feel insignificant in the church, God can turn an ordinary, simple man or woman into a leader, a soldier, or simply someone who will stand up for or serve their own brethren, the church, in times of need. Without God a Christian is just ordinary, but with faith in God he or she can become extraordinary.††