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God’s Name
by: Dalton Gilreath

Under the Old Testament the Israelites knew well that the Lord’s name was never to be used in vain (Exodus 20:7). This was the third of the Ten Commandments. The Lord made it clear that such sin would never go unpunished. However, Christ did away with the Old Law including the Ten Commandments (Col 2:14-17). This means Christians are under His New Testament. The question then might be asked, ‘Is it sinful to take the Lord’s name in vain today?”.

Today the people of God wear the name of Christ. The Israelites never had that privilege before Christ came. Christians are named for Christ, pray in His name, and are told to do all in His name (Colossians 3:17). Additionally, the New Testament teaches that the Lord’s name is holy (Luke 1:49) and to be glorified (Rev 15:4). It is absolutely sinful to use God’s name in vain under the New Testament just as it was in the Old. His name is something we wear and profess as Christians every day. Jesus tells us that man will be judged by every idle word he speaks (Matthew 12:36-37). Many have a habit of using religious exclamations like, “Oh, Lord”, “Good Lord”, “Oh my God”, etc. Using the word “Lord” is just as vain as using “God”. It may take time to break the habit, but do not allow yourself to continue sinning against your Lord by using His name for any reason other than a holy and reverent one.