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The Bible and A Cell Phone
by: Dalton Gilreath

In April of 1872, Annie Hawks was a thirty seven year old mother. Going through the daily chores of motherhood she recognized her need for God every moment. She sat down and wrote a song that is found in nearly every hymnal today. The title of the song is “I Need Thee Every Hour”. Annie understood how much she needed the Lord every hour of every day. Do we feel that way about our Lord?

Today’s world is filled with incredible technology. Man can hardly imagine living without it for a month, week, or even a day. For example, imagine being asked to avoid cell phones for a week. That would be difficult for many. Cell phones are used to communicate with our coworkers and family through talk, text, and email; to surf the internet for needed information; to navigate us to our destinations through GPS and even to play entertaining games on a daily basis. Man recognizes a need for a cell phone every hour. But what if Christians used their Bibles the way they used their cell phones? The Bible would be carried in their purse or pocket. If we left it at home, we would turn around and go get it. We would flip through it multiple times a day, using it to receive “text messages” to guide our steps. We would even take it on vacation. If we need our cell phones every hour how much more do we need God every hour? We may say or even sing that we know we need God every hour. But do we live like it? There’s a difference between knowing something and changing our actions as a result of that knowledge. May we all strive to live our lives incorporating God into our every hour and thinking of Him with each decision we make.