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Will We Know Each Other In Heaven?
by: Dalton Gilreath

Many questions have been asked about Heaven. What will it look like? What will I look like? What will God be like? But perhaps no question has been asked more than “Will we know each other in Heaven?” This question is very important to each of us who desire to reunite with our loved ones. The Bible gives many clues to help answer this question with confidence.

In Genesis 25:8, the Bible describes Abraham at his death as being “gathered to his people”. A similar phrase is used of many other men such as Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, and Moses. Furthermore, Abraham was not buried with his fathers but in an unknown location in Moab (Deut 34:6). Therefore, Abraham was not gathered to his people on Earth, but in eternity. Another passage to help answer the question is found at the death of David’s first baby. Remember that David stopped weeping and fasting after the baby’s death. He explained this was due to his inability to bring the baby back and his goal was to be reunited with him in eternity (2 Sam 12:23). One final argument is found in the New Testament. An example is seen at the transfiguration of Christ when Moses and Elijah appeared (Luke 9:28-36). Peter woke up from his sleep and immediately recognized them even though they appeared “in glory”. Therefore, putting these three pieces together seems to give clear evidence that we will, in fact, be joined to our loved ones again in Heaven.