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Why Stay For Bible Class?
by: Dalton Gilreath

Every Lord’s day we have a Bible class following the morning worship, and every Wednesday we have evening Bible classes. There are those who choose to take advantage of these classes while others do not. Some would say these classes are just additions of the elders after all. So does it matter? Here are two reasons to consider the importance of having and attending Bible classes.

First of all, we need to attend Bible classes because God “gave some to be … teachers” (Eph 4:11-12). Interestingly, each role in this list includes teaching. Every apostle, prophet, evangelist, and pastor taught at times. However, Paul still identified that there are those who may not be evangelists, but they are teachers. Some individuals are gifted only with the ability to successfully teach. We certainly know individuals who are better teachers than preachers and vice versa. Coincidentally, this list Paul gives us is to be used in the body of Christ, the church (4:12). Therefore, Paul says there are those who will be gifted at teaching in the church.  Therefore, to neglect these classes diminishes the church’s ability to maximum edification.

Secondly, we need to attend Bible class because some need “milk” and some need “meat” (Heb 5:12). Any healthy church is going to include mature Christians and fairly new Christians. The minister has to teach lessons that appeal to everyone. Therefore, he cannot simply preach scholarly lessons for the mature Christians nor can he solely preach fundamental lessons for new Christians. Our Bible classes are the perfect setting to divide individuals into the settings that are appropriate for their spiritual age. After all, we are to be growing in the church and without a proper diet we will never achieve spiritual adulthood (1 Pet 2:2). Consider the significance of our Bible classes and make plans to be here if you can.