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Stem Cell Research
by: Dalton Gilreath

Embryonic stem cell research includes the creation, experimentation, and destruction of human embryos. This research is conducted in order to find potential treatments for medical problems that currently do not have an effective treatment method. This research method has been the source of great ethical debate. Of course, the real question lies in whether or not the human embryo is ďa human lifeĒ or not. Of course, if the embryo is not a human life then there is no ethical problem with the production and destruction of these cells. However, if an embryo is human life then we cannot participate in nor support this practice as it violates Godís will (Genesis 9:6, cf. Prov 6:17).

We as Christians understand that life begins at conception, not birth. Therefore, the embryo, created by the joining of the sperm and egg, is life. Embryo is simply the name given by man to indicate the stage of a babyís life before it becomes a ďfetusĒ. In short, the same logic to disprove abortion would be relevant here as well. However, the arguments given to approve stem cell research are that the embryo cannot survive on its own and that it does not have self-awareness. Therefore, they conclude, it is not human. Do we really want to use that logic to define what is and isnít human? Consider the elderly people who live in assisted living situations. Many of them are completely dependent to survive and have no self-awareness. Why not end their live and use their cells for this research? Even the thought of such an action is sickening. In conclusion, we must be consistent and stand for Godís will whether we are discussing abortion, stem cell research, or any other process by which human life is disposed of after fertilization occurs.