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Seeds of Discord
by: Dalton Gilreath

When you consider planting a garden you must make critical decisions related to seeds. You decide what seeds you want, where you want to sow them, and when you want to sow them. These decisions are based upon the kind of fruit you want to produce. If you sow poorly you will produce rotten fruit. Therefore, gardeners must be careful to sow the right seed and to do so the right way.

Spiritually speaking, it is an abomination before God to sow seeds of discord (Prov 6:19). Why not just say He hates discord instead of describing it as a seed? Clearly discord is something that grows and spreads. God wants us to consider the kind of heart, body language, whispers, subtle remarks, and deeds which would begin as small seeds, but once planted, mature into discord. How can I avoid producing discord if I donít know which seeds grow it? We must be aware of these seeds in order to avoid devastating the crop at OceanSide. Full grown discord means envy, anger, hurt, division, and even souls leaving the faith because of its effect. We must always think before we speak considering what to say, how to say it, the body language I am using when I say it, who needs to hear it, my intentions behind the words, and so on. If we never sow these wicked seeds discord will never be produced. Donít sow seeds knowing they will only produce rotten fruit!