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God’s Image
by: Dalton Gilreath

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, Marcus Terentius Varro is “Rome’s greatest scholar”. Marcus authored hundreds of books and including many scholarly thoughts. One thought in particular was, “They who first introduced images of the gods removed fear and added error.” It is this wise statement that reminds us of a few reasons why we don’t actually know anything about God’s appearance. Could you imagine how different people would feel about God if they could see Him? Some would suggest it would be better that way, but we understand God knows best.

This may be why Moses commented on God’s image at Sinai saying, “For ye saw no manner of form on the day that Jehovah spake unto you in Horeb out of the midst of the fire” (Deut 4:15 ASV). If man saw God he would turn him into a physical portrayal in paintings, symbols, and more. We might be tempted to worship the image and not the creator (Rom 1:23-25). Before long we would be teaching and worshipping and error and we would lose the fear and awe necessary to appreciate our God.

If a scholar of Rome can see the danger of turning God into an image how much more should we, who have His written word, understand the danger. Friends, God made man in His image let’s not make God in our image!