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Sowing the Seed Series
Class 1 – The Authenticity of the Scriptures

1.    The unity of the scriptures.

a.    Forty different authors wrote the Bible from all different walks of life.

b.    The authors wrote from at least two different continents.

c.    The Bible was written in three different languages.

d.    There are zero factual discrepancies.

2.    The prophecies found in the scripture.

a.    Ezekiel 26:2-21 is one example

                                          i.    Nebuchadnezzar sieges and plunders Tyre (6-11)

                                        ii.    Many nations will attack Tyre (3)

                                       iii.    Tyre will be flat like a rock (4)

                                       iv.    Tyre’s stones would be pushed into the sea (12)

                                        v.    Tyre will never be rebuilt (20-21)

                                       vi.    Tyre will become a place for fishing (5,14)

3.    The scientific accuracy of the scriptures.

a.    Genesis 17:12 - circumcision

b.    Numbers 19:17-18 – water of purification

c.    Isaiah 40:22 – Earth is round

d.    Job 28:25 – Air has weight

e.    Job 26:7 – Earth floats

f.     Amos 9:6 – The water cycle

4.    The strange inclusions.

a.    A scandalous birth (Matt 1, Luke 1)

b.    A despised tax collector (Matt 9:9)

c.    Racism against the Samaritans (Luke 10:30ff, 17:16)