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Sowing The Seed Series
Class 5 – The One House

1.    The House Prophesied

a.    2 Samuel 7:12-13

                                          i.    When – After David is dead and gone

                                        ii.    Who – A descendant of David

b.    Isaiah 2:2-3

                                          i.    When – The last days

                                        ii.    Where - Jerusalem

                                       iii.    Who – All  nations

                                       iv.    What – The word of the Lord

2.    The House Progressed

a.    A candidate to build this house is Jesus (Luke 1:22-23)

b.    We learn that this house is actually the church (1 Tim 3:15)

c.    Jesus mentions building His church (Matt 16:18)

d.    How – With power (Mark 9:1)

e.    The kingdom will come with power (Luke 24:49)

3.    The House Produced

a.    The apostles are in Jerusalem (Acts 1:4)

b.    The power is defined as the Holy Ghost (Acts 1:8)

c.    The power comes on Pentecost (Acts 2:1-4)

d.    The word of the Lord is preached (Acts 2:16)

e.    They are in the last days and David is dead (Acts 2:17. 29)

f.     Jesus is involved in building the church (Acts 2:47)

4.    The House Practiced

a.    There is only one true house

                                          i.    Matt 7:24-27

1.    The house on the rock

                                        ii.    Exodus 12:12-13

1.    The houses with blood on the door posts

                                       iii.    Joshua 2:18-19

1.    Only Rahab’s home

                                       iv.    Ephesians 4:4

1.    There is one body which is the church (1:22-23)