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Sowing the Seed Series
Class 14 – Premillennialism

I.              The three major millennial theories include postmillennialism, amillennialism, and premillennialism

A.   Premillennialism is the most common and wide spread theory today

                                          i.    Its identified by the thousand year reign and the rapture

II.            The Jews rejected Christ

A.   It was prophesied that He would be rejected (Isa 53:1-3)

                                          i.    We see this fulfilled in John 12:37-38

B.   T or F: Every Jew rejected Christ (John 6:15)

                                          i.    Some wanted to make him a king on earth

III.           The kingdom of Christ

A.   The rejection supposedly caused Jesus to fail in setting up the kingdom

B.   The kingdom has three stages beginning with Israel (1 Sam 8:7)

                                          i.    The next stage was the church (Dan 2:44)

a.    This kingdom came before the men died to whom Christ promised it in the first century (Mark 9:1)

b.    This kingdom is the church (Matt 16:18, Acts 2:47)

c.    Christians are in this kingdom today (Col 1:13, Rev 1:9)

                                        ii.    The final stage of the kingdom is Heaven (1 Cor 15:24)

a.    Christ did not fail to set up His kingdom on earth

IV.          The signs of the second coming (Matthew 24:3ff)

A.   Matthew’s account is a bit deceptive (cf. Luke 21:7, Mark 13:4)

                                          i.    The question is about the previous statement Jesus had made

                                        ii.    Jesus is discussing the destruction of Jerusalem (Matt 23:36-38)

B.   In verses 4-6 Jesus tells them plainly that the rumors are not signs

                                          i.    Also, these people won’t die until these things happen (v34)

C.   Two keys to proving this are found in verses 15-16

                                          i.    First, notice they are told to flee to the mountains (v16)

                                        ii.    Secondly, He says they will see the abomination of desolation (15)

a.    This abomination will profane the temple (Dan 11:31)

b.    This abomination is the Roman armies (Luke 21:20)

D.   Finally, Jesus changes the subject to the second coming in verse 36

                                          i.    Notice, the coming of that day is known only by God