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Lesson #20


Twenty Years as A Judge (7)

Judges 15:1-20

Victor M. Eskew


III.     OVERCOMING A DEEP THIRST (Judg. 15:18-20)


A.     Samson’s Desperate Circumstance (Judg. 15:18a)

B.      Samson’s Desperate Cry (Judg. 15:18b)

C.      God’s Divine Care (Judg. 15:19-20).

1.       The Miracle of God (Judg. 15:19a)

2.       The Mending of Samson (Judg. 15:19b)

3.       The Memorial in Lehi (Judg. 15:19c)


…wherefore he called the name of the place En-hakkare, which is in Lehi unto this day.


a.       En-hakkare

1)      Strong (5875):  fountain of one calling

2)      BDB:  spring of one calling

b.       One commentator thinks that Samson still manifests pride in the name of this fountain.  “In naming the location after himself, he is saying, ‘I prayed and the water came out.  My great faith resulted in this spring’” (Gluckoski, 79).


D.     Samson’s Days Counted (Judg. 15:20)


And he judged Israel in the days of the Philistines twenty years.


1.       Samson was revived to serve.

2.       It is interesting that nothing of note is recorded during this 20 year period.

3.       This verse marks the dividing point in the story of Samson.

a.       What we have been studying are Samson’s early years as a judge.

b.       What is about to happen are in the last years of his ministry.

4.       Closing thought:  “The one bright spot in his recorded experiences is his conduct recorded here when he was revived from his thirst.  Would that all of Samson’s record could be as noble as this one event.  May it cause us to strive to have a better record than this he-man of Israel had” (Butler, p. 128)