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Advertising The Church

Cory Landolt


INTRODUCTION: Colossians 4:5, 6

A.) [Illustration – “A.A. Advertisement”]

B.) Have you wondered how the church in Colossae advertised Jesus in their community?

C.) Their Solution: They got the message in; then they lived it out day by day.

D.) Thesis: Christian living advertises the church.

E.) In Colossians 4:5, 6, Paul gave two imperatives explaining how Christian living advertises the church:




A.) “Conduct yourselves with wisdom toward outsiders,”v. 5a

            1. What you do gives credibility to what you say: “Your life speaks so loud, I can’t hear     what you’re saying.”

                        a. It is consistently applying the biblical principles taught in the scriptures.

                        b. This kind of wisdom is already available to each Christian – 1:9, 10a, 28

c. If we use wisdom, we see our situation as God sees it and then act accordingly                 – 3:1-3

            2. We have been saved; we have been given divine wisdom; and we need to be controlled       by that wisdom so that we will walk according to its dictates – 2:6-7; 3:12-17

                        a. We need to be careful never to behave in a way that would make it difficult to                              share the gospel with others.

                        b. The greatest sermon you give is the sermon you live!

            3. [Illustration – Thermostat vs. Thermometer]

B.) “. . . making the most of the opportunity” v. 5b

            1. In the Greek language, Paul is using an expression drawn from the business world of         his day.

                        a. The phrase was used of a merchant who found a great price on a product and                              purchased the seller’s entire stock.

                                    i.) Imagine holding some stock that hits an all-time high on Wall Street.                                     You tell your broker, “Sell!”

                                    ii.) He eventually gets around to doing it a couple of weeks later. That                                         would be foolish, would it not?

                        b. When you call, the time to act is now.

            2. When opportunity comes knocking, the time to share your faith is at that moment.

                        a. My brethren, life is short; souls are perishing; and Jesus is coming in judgment.

                        b. We will not have forever to share the gospel; let us buy up the opportunities                          while we have them.

C.) How about you? When will you begin to share Christ with that friend of yours? Every time you have an opportunity, buy it up and purchase it for eternity!



A.) “Let your conversations always be with grace, seasoned, as it were with salt, so that you may know how you should respond to each person”v. 6

            1. The word “conversation” in the Greek does not refer to the specific words we use but       to the pattern of our speech.

            2. God is more concerned with the gist of what we say and how we say it.

3. Right words said the wrong way quickly alienate people.

B.) always be with gracev. 6a

            1. Graciousness means to be pleasant and courteous, to speak what is spiritually uplifting,         wholesome, sensitive, loving, and encouraging.

            2. Now that we have been saved by grace, our speech ought to reflect that grace in our       dealings with others – 3:8-10, 13.

C.) seasoned, as it were with salt, - v. 6b

            1. Salt, of course, is that which gives taste or flavor to our food; it makes our meals             appetizing.

            2. Paul’s point is that the words we dish up for others to feast on are to be made             enjoyable – cf. 3:17

D.) “. . . so that you may know how you should respond to each person.”v. 6c

            1. The tongue is so important.

2. By what we say and how we say it, we either open or close the door to an opportunity     many times.



A.) Christian living advertises Christianity:

            1. Through our Conduct!

            2. Through our Conversations!

B.) In watching our conduct and listening to our conversations, unbelievers form an opinion of the worth of the church.

C.) Does your conduct and conversations mark you as a regenerate person, transformed by the Word of God?

D.) [Invitation]