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Why Paul was Effective in God’s Service

Carlos Dawson


Paul on Mars Hill – Acts 17:22-32.


Mars Hill is another expression for the Areopagus (rock of Ares), which contained seat of judicial administration, markets, shopping, etc. Therefore, the Greeks were in their normal element.


Paul was effective with his Greek audience because:


1.     Paul used the present circumstances to begin a discussion with people - v. 23a

2.     Paul introduced truth out of error - v. 23b

3.     Paul buttressed his argument on facts - v. 24 - 27

4.     Paul shows that even some eloquent expressions of human though are in harmony with the truth – v. 28 “as certain of your own poets have said, for we are also his offspring.”

5.     Paul emphasized the resurrection of Christ as the ultimate fact of history - v. 32

6.     The reactions of the people were varied: 1) some mocked; 2) others would hear Paul later; 3) some joined him and believed - v. 32

7.     Paul concludes by asserting that the one true God demands repentance from sin by all, be He judge the world in righteous by the pledge of resurrection of Christ – v. 30, 31